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McDonald’s and Travis Scott Take the Internet by Storm With New “Travis Scott Meal”

Heads up! If you haven’t heard yet, McDonald’s and Travis Scott have recently teamed up to bring Scott’s favorite McDonald’s meal to fans across America for a limited time only. Known for his success as a rapper and being the father of Kylie Jenner’s baby, Stormi Webster, Travis Scott can now put the once-in-a-lifetime collaboration with one of the biggest fast-food chains in the world, under his belt. . . and resume.

Announced on Sep. 8 and continuing through Oct. 4, fans can now purchase the “Travis Scott Meal” to try and enjoy for 27 days. The meal includes the Quarter Pounder (with bacon, lettuce and cheese), a medium sprite with extra ice and a medium fry with barbecue dipping sauce on the side all for just $6. 

However, the news of the collab has sparked some confusion with older generations and an internet frenzy with the younger generations. It has caused some older McDonald’s workers to question who Travis Scott is and for the younger generations, it has brought a sort of excitement for something new and refreshing to try. It is known that McDonald’s doesn’t usually do a celebrity collaboration with just anyone. The last celebrity to be featured by McDonald’s was Michael Jordan in 1992. The fast-food sponsored meal then was called the McJordan burger, and included bacon, onion slices, barbecue sauce and pickles for $3.59. Along with the McJordan burger, fans could also purchase merchandise. 

Now, 28 years later, Travis Scott gets a shot at the thought-to-be, exclusive collaboration with McDonald’s. To promote the popular meal, Scott and McDonald’s have created artistic and eye-catching promotional videos, held photo opportunities, and designed multiple forms of merchandise. The merchandise is highly favored since it was announced that the meal would not include an action figure or toy. By following a link on Travis Scott’s Instagram biography, fans can find an array of different articles of merchandise, ranging from shirts all the way to chicken nugget designed body pillows. 

Design-wise, Most of the clothes have a sort of action figure styled version of Travis Scott and/or the classic McDonald’s golden arches printed on them. Prices start at $48 but can go as high as $300. As of right now, a majority of the possible merch items are sold out, leaving even more limited options. 

It is thought that the newest collaboration between the two is partly due to the coronavirus pandemic in an attempt for McDonald’s to have a spike in sales. This collaboration is working for the franchise, as many locations are being swarmed with mostly the younger generations in hopes to try the meal. However, some customers are even taking their purchases and the hype for the famous meal a step further by reselling receipts and promotional posters for prices up to $550. It is even a running joke on popular social media sites, such as Twitter, for customers to try and sell their recently purchased or half-eaten meals for profit. 

As stated before, this collaborative meal won’t be here for long, but can still be enjoyed at participating locations. 

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Mia is a sophomore student at Florida State University majoring in Criminology with the hopes of going to law school. Mia enjoys movies, music, soccer, and being with her friends and family.
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