Marina Williams & Her Love For Photography

Name: Marina Williams

Age: 21

Major: Studio Art

Hometown: Englewood, Florida

Relationship Status: In a relationship

Courtesy of Marina Williams

Her Campus (HC): Who or what inspired you to do Photography?

Marina Williams (MW): My grandpa was really into photography and every year he would shoot portraits of my family for a family calendar. He also gave me one of his old film cameras and taught me how to use it, so I started using it and then I started saving up and got my first DSLR camera in high school, one of the beginner’s cameras. Then I upgraded my sophomore year of college to a better one and I recently just got my dream camera.

HC: How do you like working with Strike and Clutch Magazine?

MW: I really like it! Working with Strike and Clutch is kind of what made me realize that I want to do fashion and shoot editorials for a living. That’s the dream. I really like working with a team of stylists, art directors, models and beauty consultants that I can work with to bring a vision to life. Each shoot for Strike and Clutch has a theme with a style that they create beforehand. It’s really fun and everyone involved is so good at what they do and knows exactly what they want!

Courtesy of Marina Williams

HC: What types of photography do you like doing?

MW: I love photographing people, I am not that big into nature. I really do love doing portraits, lifestyle and fashion. Around Tallahassee, I go to Maclay Gardens and Lichgate a lot but I try to find new places. Sometimes my friends and I will just get into the car and start driving and if we see a place that looks interesting we stop and take pictures there.

HC:  As the year is coming to a close and graduation is right around the corner, do you have any advice for any photographers out there?

MW: I follow a lot of photographers on Instagram that are my age or younger and are absolutely so successful and I just get really get inspired because of their work. Sometimes those people will do Q&A’s and give advice for photographers and I always listen to their advice and when they talk about how they got started. But as far as FSU, you can major in Studio Art and choose Photography as your focus area. There are a lot of great photography classes including experimental darkroom for shooting film, and great digital classes too. 

HC: What are you going to miss?

MW: I’m going to miss access to FSU’s Lightbox studio; it is an amazing resource.

HC: What lessons have you learned while doing photography?

MW: I’ve learned a lot about business. Over the years, doing more and more shoots with customers, I’ve learned so much about developing my business and being more professional and how to track my expenses and jobs. I spend a couple hours each day answering e-mails and developing my website. There is a lot of business behind it that I’ve learned so much about!