March Madness Predications: Let’s Dance

It is truly the most wonderful time of the year. March Madness is the time where there are non-stop games and it is finally socially acceptable to blow off all plans in the name of basketball. It is also the time where complete basketball fanatics can be beaten by first-time watchers in the fight for the best bracket. Nicknamed the “Big Dance” for its constant inclusion of “Cinderella teams” (small schools that normally don’t compete at the collegiate championship level) and its selective invitation, the tournament starts with the top 68 teams, but only one team will cut the net and be crowned the 2019 national champion in Minneapolis. My bet is to tango with the boys in garnet and gold. 

Let’s face it, we are a basketball school. The FSU men’s basketball team wrapped up the regular season with a 25-6 record and went 13-5 in ACC play. To say the Seminoles had an impressive season is an understatement. To end the season, FSU won 14 out of the last 16 games. In the tournament for the ACC is Duke, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida State, Syracuse, Virginia Tech and Louisville. Out of those teams, this season Florida State beat three out of the other six teams. Though the Seminoles ended ACC tournament as the second-best team in the conference, the boys proved their toughness on the national stage. In the first two games, the Seminoles took down number two Virginia and number sixteen Virginia Tech to face number five Duke in the championship game. After an impressive season that ended with a conference tournament loss to the Blue Devils, the Seminoles were invited to the dance and given a No. 4 seed in the West Region. 

In round 64, the Seminoles faced and conquered the Vermont Catamounts with a final score of 76-69, starting the month-long tournament journey on the right foot. Last year, the Seminoles ended their season at the hands of the Michigan Wolverines in the Elite Eight. Sitting in the western region of the tournament, some sportscasters have already expressed that this may be the toughest region to get out of. FSU sits among Gonzaga, Michigan, Texas Tech and that school in Gainesville for the fight to get a spot in the Final Four. One thing is certain though, the fight won’t be easy. 

With FSU’s experience in the ACC (which is the best conference in college basketball) and the guidance of Coach Hamilton leading the team, the argument for FSU taking the West and walking into the championship. All season long the Seminoles have fought to prove where they stand. The Seminoles took down LSU, Purdue, Louisville, Virginia Tech and Virginia who are all ranked and top-seeded teams in the tournament. Those notable wins have led me to pick the Seminoles for the ultimate upset for the 2019 national championship. ESPN is only giving the Seminoles a 1.4% chance to win the championship, but I believe we have yet to see the full strength and determination of this team. 

The goal is to make plans on Apr. 8 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. However, no matter what happens in the tournament, Seminoles fans got to witness a remarkable season and be a part of the best playoff tournament in all of the sports. Sit back, relax, slip on those dancing shoes and let the Madness begin.