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“The Mandalorian” Season Two Trailer Is Here

Avid fans of the Disney+ original series The Mandalorian have been waiting nearly a year for new content, and it is finally here. 

Due to the long wait, rumors began spreading about the cast of The Mandalorian, the production team, as well as when fans would get new content. Multiple sources incorrectly predicted that the trailer would drop back in August during the NBA playoffs, such as LRMOnlineInverseWe Got This Covered and more. Fans found themselves disappointed when the trailer did not premiere during the NBA playoffs, but if they were able to hold out just a couple more weeks, they would soon get their fill of content.  

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Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters from Unsplash

The Mandalorian season two trailer dropped with little warning on Sep. 15, giving fans both something to satiate their craving and something to talk about — and talk they have. It has been approximately a week since the trailer was released, and fans are already clamoring with various theories and ideas about the upcoming season of The Mandalorian

A warning: the text below discusses possible fan theories and predictions, which could be possible spoilers! If you are uninterested in possibly having The Mandalorian season two spoiled for you, turn away!    

Fans and viewers are already trying to figure out just who that mysterious hooded figure is. Some have claimed the figure to be Star Wars Rebels character Sabine Wren, while others have claimed the figure to be Mara Jade of the Star Wars Legends series (despite her non-canonical roots). However, some fan theories are more focused in on the settings the famed space cowboy and his green, wrinkly baby find themselves in. 

Tumblr user ahsokaspacehimbostrash has an interesting theory regarding the state of The Mandalorian’s iconic ship, the Razor Crest. They write, “So it’s clear that it’s breaking and in pretty bad shape, just drifting along space and at first I thought they got into a bad fight and were heading to a planet for repairs but then I noticed…the hatch is open! Why would the hatch of the ship be open while there are two people on-board in space?!? Like, there could be a second airlock door before the cockpit so it’s not totally impossible that Mando and Baby Yoda could still be inside piloting it towards another planet for repairs but… What if the hatch is open because the ship got so damaged they had to ditch it?!?”

Another Tumblr user, tommyconlonsmouthguard, writes, “Prediction: season 2 is gonna reveal that the attack on din’s homeworld was a death watch setup, and his parents were killed by death watch members/caught in the crossfire. [I] feel it in my BONES.”

However, some fan theories are more optimistic, such as Tumblr user stydiaeverafter, who theorizes, “BABY YODA ALONE WILL SAVE 2020”.    

Whose theories will turn out to be correct, and whose will be incorrect? Is the mysterious hooded figure Sabine Wren? Did Mando and The Child abandon ship? Will Baby Yoda save 2020 for us? Only time will tell.

Here’s a link to the trailer so you can see what all the fuss is about!

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