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May is bringing a wide variety of new music with it. Interestingly, there’s a big move towards the hip hop scene. We’ll be seeing new music from classic hip hop and R&B artists such as Snoop Dogg, and artists who are traditionally more involved in the rock scene like The Vaccines, changing directions and moving towards a hip hop sound. Additionally, this month’s new music is also bringing with it a lot of new and intriguing cover art. Lots of interesting stuff going on in the music world, Collegiettes! So without further ado, let’s check out the new albums coming out this month.

Mumford & Sons

Image Source: Consequence of Sound

Genre: folk rock, indie rock, alternative rock

Album title: Wilder Mind

Release date: May 4th

Mumford & Sons already released a single off of their new album entitled “Believe,” which has received mixed reviews for its different sound. The new album will use a lot more electric sounds than the acoustic sounds that we are used to hearing from the band. Nevertheless, the Wilder Mind is said to be more collaborative within the band than the other albums. What do you think of Mumford & Sons’ new sound?

My Morning Jacket

Image Source: Rock Cellar Magazine

Genre: alternative rock, indie rock

Album title: The Waterfall

Release date: May 4th

The Waterfall will be My Morning Jacket’s seventh studio album, and their first in four years. According to a Rolling Stone interview, the band’s mantra in making the album was “anything goes,” and they went into it with a lot of freedom as opposed to a lot of pressure. The album’s eccentric cover art showcases that idea. Interested in seeing My Morning Jacket at their upcoming tour in support of the new record? They’ll be performing in St. Augustine on August 1st, Miami on August 3rd, and Orlando on August 4th.

Django Django

Image Source: Dummy Mag

Genre: art rock, neo-psychedelia

Album title: Born Under Saturn

Release date: May 4th

Scottish band Django Django released their wildly successful debut album back in 2012. Rolling Stone even listed in on the Top 50 Albums of 2012. After taking a break, the band is now ready to release their sophomore album, Born Under Saturn. Drummer Dave Maclean explains that a lot of the lyrics refer to a rebirth, which the band feels like it is experiencing with its return to the music scene. Check out the single “Beginning to Fade,” which has already been released from the new album.

A$AP Rocky

Image Source: Consequence of Sound

Genre: hip hop

Album title: At.Long.Last.A$AP

Release date: May 12th

It’s hard to believe that At.Long.Last.A$AP will only be A$AP Rocky’s second solo studio album. The star has already released three singles from the new album: Multiply, Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2, and M’$. The album will conclude collaborations with other big-name artists such as Lykke Li, FKA Twigs, and Juicy J.

Snoop Dogg

Image Source: Rap Dose

Genre: hip hop, R&B, funk

Album title: BUSH

Release date: May 12th

We can’t wait to hear new music from the ever-iconic Snoop Dogg. Produced entirely by Pharrell, BUSH is said to include other monumental artists in the R&B genre such as Stevie Wonder and Charlie Wilson. Two singles from the new album have already been released: “Peaches n Cream” and “So Many Pros.” Known for his top hits including “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” Snoop Dogg is sure to drop some new anthems with BUSH

Jamie Foxx

Image Source: RCA Records

Genre: hip hop, pop, R&B

Album title: Hollywood

Release date: May 18th

Even though he’s nearing the age of 50 (I know, we couldn’t believe it, either), Jamie Foxx isn’t slowing down quite yet. The “Blame It” artist has already released the first single from Hollywood, “You Changed Me,” which features Chris Brown. After a 5 year hiatus from the music industry, Mr. Foxx has probably experienced a lot of inspiration for his new album, and we can’t wait to hear what he brings to the table this time.

The Story So Far

Image Source: The Story So Far

Genre: punk rock, pop punk

Album title: The Story So Far

Release date: May 19th

Following their sophomore album that was released back in 2013, The Story So Far’s upcoming self-titled LP has been long awaited by fans of the band. The new album showcases the youthful pop punk vibe that The Story So Far is known for. Check out “Nerve,” the lead single from the new album.

twenty one pilots

Image Source: iTunes

Genre: pop-rap

Album title: Blurryface

Release date: May 19th

twenty one pilots’ genre is hard to pin down exactly, but that’s not hindering the group’s popularity. Blurryface is highly anticipated and is sure to play on the unpredictable combination of genres and musical styles the twenty one pilots is known for. Check out the song “Fairly Local” from the band’s new album to get a taste of what twenty one pilots is all about and to get pumped for May 19th!


Image Source: Hypetrak

Genre: electro house

Album title: True Colors

Release date: May 19th

From pregame to party to after-party, Zedd provides a great soundtrack to listen to. We expect True Colors to bring more amazing dance music. You’ve surely heard and jammed out to the first single from the album, “I Want You to Know,” which features the beautiful Selena Gomez. Additionally, check out the album’s website for information about a “one-of-a-kind listening party and interactive event taking place in 10 cities around the U.S.” where a song from the album is previewed.

The Vaccines

Image Source: My Play Direct

Genre: indie rock, post-punk revival (kind of?)

Album title: English Graffiti

Release date: May 26th

According to NME Magazine, The Vaccines’ upcoming album is likely to bring the band more success and make them bigger than ever. Singer Justin Young explains that the band wants to album to sound exclusive to 2015 instead of taking too much inspiration from the past or trying to sound appropriate for the future’s music scene. English Graffiti will move away from the band’s rock-n-roll sound to a more hip-hop and pop sound, which is likely to draw larger crowds. Listen to the single “Handsome” for a preview of the album.

Sarah Christine Davis is a junior at FSU who frequently has to use her middle name so as not to be confused with the millions of other girls who have the most basic first and last name combination ever. She is double majoring in Editing, Writing, & Media and Media & Communications Studies and, believe it or not, one day wants to work in the media. In her spare time, she comes up with ways to have a friendship as perfect as Amy Poehler and Tina Fey's, daydreams about creating a cat park in her home town (dog parks are so discriminatory), and updates her LinkedIn and Online CV profiles. 
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