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Madame Mary’s Zodiac Matches: Matches for Libra

Featured Letter by Julia from Orlando, FL

Dear Madame Mary:  I’m a Libra and I have only been in 1 serious relationship.  I’m not really sure who I am compatible with, but my relationship was with a Cancer and we butted heads on many issues. The 2nd person I’ve ever been seriously interested in was also a Cancer, but we are at a stand-still because he is out of the country for a year.  I found the repeat of the ‘cancer’ sign interesting. The person I am talking to currently is a Taurus and I was wondering how that looks…


This is one of the classic conundrums Libras often face.  There are four components that need to be addressed in this question: A single Libra, Cancer & Libra, Taurus & Libra, and Libra matches. 

A Single Libra

Libra is the sign of marriage.  They are eager to be a “we,” rather than an “I”.  However, they’re faced with a major problem: no other sign in the zodiac has the intrinsic knowledge of relationships that Libra does.  This leaves Libra alone in their early years.  Because they are deep thinkers, the Libra often blames themselves for their single status.

Libra is dangerously accurate when it comes to judging someone’s character.  This will make you extremely picky with your men.  You will know them way before they know you.

Libra is a masculine air sign which will give you a biting wit and make you excellent in working with people. You are likely to become competitive in competitive environments.  Libra doesn’t like to lose, and rarely does when they put their mind to it.  Libra can be intensely intimidating, so you must be careful of this.  However, the older you become, the smoother you become.  Your ruling planet is Venus, and this makes you irresistible to men.  It may not seem like it, but think back.  Was there ever a guy you really wanted that you didn’t get the attention of?  I would guess the answer was no.  I once saw Libra referred to as “an iron fist in a velvet glove.” This is Libra’s power. Use it wisely. 


Cancer & Libra

There is no sign more sensitive to a Libra lady’s charm than Cancer.  The crab is mesmerized by a lady with scales.  He loves her laugh, her scent, her skin.  He becomes addicted to her strong personality, shrouded in feminine flirtations.  Libra will never love Cancer.  Cancer is emotional and artistic.  He will never appreciate your fervor for the intellectual.  He will be conservative where you are free and vice versa.  Libra will always feel held back in this relationship.  The claws of the crab have a strong grip.  From one Libra to another: don’t fall prey to him. 


Taurus & Libra

Libra is a gregarious sign.  They get along with most signs in the zodiac, and can make most relationships work.  You must watch yourself, as it is likely you are always looking for a great love.  Taurus will be comfortable for you.  He will provide, give practical advice, and respond well to your love of the arts.  He will never satisfy your mind, though.  This is not to say that Taurus cannot be intellectual!  Taurus will never be free and intellectual.  Libra wants to learn everything she can get her hands on, and Taurus will stay within the lines.  Taurus will want big romance, Libra will want thoughtful romance.  Taurus will need to walk away from a fight, Libra will need to talk till everything’s on the table.    


Libra Matches

Libra’s quadrant consists of kooky air sign Aquarius, intense fire sign Aries, and loyal fire sign Leo.  Leo is the ultimate match for Libra.  You are lucky because Leo-Libra is the most harmonious combination in the zodiac.  A paraphrase of my favorite Leo-Libra analogy goes like this:

Leo and Libra are in a furniture store. Libra sees a beautiful, golden candelabra that she wants.  Leo says, “No, you can’t have that. I don’t know why we’d need it.” Libra agrees and they go home.   Later that day, Libra goes back to the store and buys the candelabra.  She places it delicately on their dining room table, makes Leo’s favorite meal, and reads until his return.  When Leo comes home, he sees the candelabra and immediately remarks on what a wonderful decorator his lady is.  Libra is pleased with herself.  She knows him better than he knows himself, and he loves her more than anyone else ever will.

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