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Madame Mary’s Zodiac Matches: A Leo-Pisces Friendship


Featured Sign: Taurus (April 20th – May 20th)

Keep in mind that Taurus is never what Taurus seems.  This earth sign is stubborn and simple on the surface, but they’re controlled by Venus: a feminine planet.  Like all earth signs, Taurus doesn’t see a need to buy lavish things, and is often concerned with prices.  However, they will splurge when it comes to the way something feels.  Taurus is very likely to pass up a gourmet meal or a fancy car in favor of silk sheets and a cozy nightgown.   They are very loving, non-judgmental, and enjoy working with their hands.  Taurus will always be your best kindergarten teachers and social workers.  Watch out if you are a fire sign, because your Taurus friends will often seem needy.  Don’t let that discourage you, because they are the reliable people you want in a pinch.

Featured Letter by Nancy from Orlando, FL

I’m a Leo and have recently been hanging out with a Pisces. We work together, have classes together, and hang in the same social circle. She seems pretty cool, and we get along really well! But I’m still wondering if there are there any things I should lookout for with a Leo/ Pisces friendship.

There are sooooo many things you should look out for with this combination.  Mainly, your communication styles will be wildly different.  Leo is a fire sign, and Pisces is a water sign. 

Let’s Talk About Leo: Leo (as a friend) is fierce and loyal.  They are protective of their loved ones, and take pride in the fact that they keep friends for a long time.  Leos will always fight for what’s right, and don’t tolerate even the possibility of conflict.  Like most fire signs, the lioness loves like no other but has a series of hoops that each new person in her life must jump through before they are accepted into a Leo’s eternal friendship circle.  Leos communicate honestly and directly.  They are very serious about their friendships, even when it seems out of place (which will be hilarious to earth signs, by the way). 

Now Some Tips for Dealing With Pisces:

1)      Water signs are very emotionally in touch.  Feelings ebb and flow through Leo, while Pisces is always caught in the current of their own moods.  The lion is not very good at reading people, and the fish will know this immediately.  Pisces will weasel their way through Leo’s friend tests, reading Leo’s emotional vibes perfectly the whole time.  Pisces is second only to Libra in their ability to know a person’s entire character upon meeting them.  Unlike Libra, Pisces will only evaluate emotional character, deeming them as “good,” “evil,” or any other applicable word.  *Tip to Handle This* You (Leo) will have to learn about people as you go (and you like it that way), but will admire Pisces’ ability to always be right. Don’t let Pisces talk you out of learning for yourself!  This is an important journey every lioness must take in order to know who to trust. 

2)      Pisces’ distinguishing trait is the respect for personal privacy.  A fish will never ask you something that seems personal, or pry when you don’t really want to tell.  By the same token, Pisces will divide their own memories and past experiences into three categories:  The things no one will ever know about them, the things they’ll only tell their close friends, and the things they’ll tell acquaintances.  This will be very foreign to Leo, who will have one category for all memories: the things I want to tell whoever I’m talking to, whenever I feel like it.  *Tip to Handle This* You will have to resist the urge to beg for more information when you realize your Pisces friend is not telling you the whole story. 

3)      The only other thing to be aware of is competition.  Leo is not inherently competitive (unlike Aries or Capricorn or Scorpio).  However, they’re also not one to back down from a fight.  If a Leo senses competition, they will become competitive in response.  Pisces will be attuned to this, as they will be reading Leo’s emotional vibrations all the time.  The fish too will become competitive, and the downward spiral will begin.  *Tip to Handle This* If you keep in mind that your Pisces friend is feeding off of your energy, you can start and stop competition as you like.  A little competition will be motivating for you, so don’t always shy away from it.

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