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Madame Mary’s Zodiac Matches: Leo and Libra


Featured Letter by Caroline from Tallahassee, FL

Dear Madame Mary: I’m a Libra (10/06/9* born in ****, New York).  I’ve read numerous times that the Leo- Libra relationship is the most harmonious- and many of the friendships I’ve had with male Leos are full of excitement and energy, but I also remember the worst fights with Leos. (I’ve been single for 20 years – this is all friendship-based.) Is it because the Leo-Libra relationship can be so harmonious that the disagreements/fights are so much worse?


Like all my letters, I’m going to have to break this into pieces.  First, I’ll address some details of the nature of the Leo-Libra relationship.  Then I’ll talk about the specifics of a Leo-Libra argument, because it is likely that they occur in a very specific manner. Enjoy.

Leo-Libra – What Makes Them So Special?

For the sake of this article, I will try to stick to discussing friendships.  I have tried denoting places where I mention romantic relationships.

Libra ladies will find that they often have lions or lionesses as friends throughout their lives.  This isn’t the Lizzie and Darcy “I hate you, but really I love you” combination.  This is a “love at first sight” relationship, and it is likely that – even as friends – the Leos in your life have always liked you. 

Leos are fierce lovers and friends.  They are attracted to Libra’s brilliant intellect and enjoyment of art.  Both signs appreciate atypical things, and are likely to be attracted to offbeat TV shows, art, and books.  Miss Libra and her ability to read any person within a few seconds of meeting them, will balance Leo’s combustible moods.   Mr. Leo is decisive, and will be okay with making snap decisions.  Among friends, the Leo will always choose the restaurant or share their opinions first.  The Libra will listen to the entirety of Leo’s rants about unjust circumstances at work or getting a parking ticket, and offer the best advice the Leo could ask for.

This is a comfortable pair to be around.  They bring out friendliness in each other, they love to be social, and they are honest.  Leo is not tactful about his honesty; Libra chooses her words very carefully. 

In short, where one is lacking, the other is able to provide. 

The Romance

Leo is kind and gentle as a lover.  He cares about his Libra lady to a depth she cannot imagine.  Libra is attentive and put-together.  As a couple they both appreciate fine dining and parties.  They care about their appearance moderately, and often do not understand the overly-comfortable Capricorn or the constantly-stylish Scorpio.  This will be the couple who still subtly holds hands under the dinner table when they’re 70, and write each other secret love letters throughout their years.  The Leo-Libra relationship is a long-lasting one. 


Why Fights With Leo Are So Explosive

Caroline, what happens when you blow air onto a fire?

      I’ll tell you: The fire grows higher, hotter, and is harder to extinguish

This is how a fight between fire sign Leo and air sign Libra works.  The explosive Leo, not constantly in touch with their feelings, will get a surge of anger, sadness, or embarrassment.  It will always seem out of nowhere, even to them! Leo wants to get rid of this energy and immediately releases it.  Libra, the calm and collected fighter, will listen with attitude, but there is only so much they will take before growling back at the Lion. 

      When Libra fights back – Libra fights dirty

It would be common to hear something like, “Oh, I see. Is THAT what you really think?”  or “Are you finished?” coming from an angry Libra.  In addition, Libra has been listening to exactly what Leo has been ranting about – every single detail.  Libra will be able to return an argument that both points out Leo’s absurdity and Libra’s innate rightness.  Leo will be taken aback.  Lions are not used to being challenged intellectually.  For this, they both admire Libra and hate them simultaneously. 

Some Advice Miss Libra…

Don’t go after Leo.  You WILL win, and this will make it worse.  Whenever you’re offended by Leo, just wait a few minutes.  Once Leo’s emotion (whatever it is at the time) subsides, you will be able to have a productive conversation with them.  In addition, if you fight, YOU will be the one stuck with the grudge.  Once Leo has released their energy, they are done with the fight.  And that’s just that.

Questions for Madame Mary? Email them to her at MaryLove@hercampus.com! ;-)

My name is Mary Love and I'm a Senior and double major in English and Hotel Management at Florida State University.  I am more commonly found writing fiction pieces, and editing everything I can.  Her Campus is my first venture into published nonfiction and women's magazines.  I think Her Campus is a great resource for women who are both smart and feminine.  If you would like to contact me for an interview or to answer a Zodiac Question as Madame Mary, please email marylove@hercampus.com.
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