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Is Low-Calorie Ice Cream Worth the Hype?

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The first time I heard that there was an ice-cream under 350 calories a pint I thought I was being lied to. Being that low in calories and sugar just seemed insane to me, so I made myself believe that whatever they lost in calories they must have lost in the taste. But as time went on my interest in this frozen treat would still peek every time I’d see these beautifully aesthetic pints in the freezer aisle. So, this week I decided to let my well-known sweet tooth give it a go and not only taste Halo Top but Arctic Zone (I couldn’t help myself, they were both on sale!) to compare the two.

1. Arctic Zero

Courtesy: runnergirltraining

Rating: 4/10

I decided to try the Arctic Zero first since Cookie Dough will always be a classic in my eyes. As I peeled off the wrapper I was warned to allow the carton to defrost to get a creamier flavor. Giving it a minute, I waited for the cookie experience to take over my taste buds and wild out on eating the whole pint at only 300 calories…. but I was disappointed. With barely any cookie dough chunks, this pint was lived up to my initial expectation that by cutting calories it cut the taste as well. Even though I left it to defrost the consistency was odd, almost like shaved ice.

2. Halo Top

Courtesy: USA Today

Rating: 9/10

With one ice-cream down I was going in with a low expectation but I had some hope to spare. With Halo Top being the first and most well-known of its kind I had a feeling that their ice cream might be a bit different. Saying this I anticipated the same texture as Arctic Zone due to its lack of artificial flavoring or preservatives – but I was happily surprised. I was delighted to taste a creamy consistency that mimicked Ben & Jerry’s quality. Not only that but its caramel swirl was small but constant throughout the whole pint, allowing you to get the flavor of caramel in every bite. I even gave my roommates a bite and they would have never guessed that this was a healthy alternative.

3. Skinny Cow

Courtesy: Skinny Cow USA Instagram

Rating: 6.5/10

A variation of cookies & cream, Skinny Cow brings to the table a ~healthy~ alternative to high-calorie ice creams. Unlike the two above, this pint does include unnatural colors that Arctic Zone and Halo Top avoid – but it still tastes good. Not as creamy as Halo Top but still a better consistency than Arctic Zone it’s a good middle if you’re craving something cold and sweet.

Verdict: In all, it’s best to stick with the classic brand that seems to have mastered the high-quality healthy treat. It also provides the solution for the fitness junkies with poor portion control. I know I have been guilty of opening something and eating it until it’s gone!

Tara Lawson-Corley is a Florida State University graduate. She majored in Retail Merchandising & Product Development with the goal of someday working for a fitness driven retail company. Hopefully later on she will be able to own her own successful fitness boutique or at least that's the dream. Tara enjoys the occasional Netflix binge, reading numerous fashion magazines, and finding new and exciting ways to workout.
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