A Look Into This Weekend’s Stand Up Downunder Comedian: Brandon Wardell

Cancel your plans of binge-watching the stand-up comedy section of Netflix on Saturday night, because Club Downunder is bringing the comedy to you!

Club Downunder is the hub of all things entertainment here at FSU. It is a student-run programming board that aims to provide every student with activities they can enjoy. They offer a diverse group of events including live musical performances, painting on Landis Green, open mic, and more! Thanks to them, you’ll have pretty much every night of your college career covered and be saved from all those lonely nights in your dorm.

One of their many events offered on campus is Stand Up Downunder, which is taking place this weekend! On Saturday, Sep. 14, they are presenting up-and-coming comedian, Brandon Wardell right here on campus.

Courtesy: Hive Miner

Brandon Wardell is not like most other comedians, because comedy isn’t the only thing he has emphasized throughout his career. From being a world-renowned meme creator to dropping an album that consists of solely ASMR, it is safe to say he embodies everything that defines this generation’s culture.  

He got his start in comedy at just 17 years old when he began to do open mics. He then eventually moved out to Los Angeles after being scouted by an agent thanks to a Washington Post article that was published on him in 2012. Since moving, he has been very successful within the comedy realm. He has been featured on Comedy Central’s @midnight, Adam Devine’s House Party, Viceland’s What Would Diplo Do?, The Real Bros of Simi Valley, and even toured with fellow comedian Bo Burnham in 2015.

According to an interview with Vice in 2014, he considers the biggest influence on his comedy to be hip-hop. He said it helps him to aim for a more arrogant persona when he is on stage, as he says that “awkward comedy” just really isn’t his thing. This confidence that Wardell gives off seems to be working in his favor as audiences and viewers are fully immersed in Wardell’s comedy both on stage and off.

While he has had many accomplishments as seen in his performances on stage and on screen, he is also well-known for his presence on social media. He is very active on Twitter and brings the same comedic persona he has in front of the audience to behind the screen as well. Many may know him from his contributions to the viral “Harambe” meme that took place in 2016, as well as his creation of the “Emoji Sheriff” which also sparked a large influence on social media.

Courtesy: @BRYNNTRILL2 on Twitter

If you are a lover of comedy or even just a fan of having a good time, Brandon Wardell’s Stand Up show seems to be the perfect weekend plan for you. This entertainment opportunity will include lots of laughter and an exclusive look at one of the comedic sensations of this generation.

Club Downunder’s “Stand-Up Downunder” with Brandon Wardell will be taking place this Saturday, Sep. 14. This event will be inside the Moore Auditorium with doors opening at 7:00 p.m. and will begin at 8:00 p.m. The show will be free for FSU students with their valid gold student ID, but for all others, the tickets will be $10 at the door.

For more information on the Stand Up Downunder event and all of their other activities visit their Facebook page: Club Downunder/Union Productions

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