Living Apart from My Twin Sister

Most of my life I’ve been known as “one of the Cardoso twins.” Usually, a girl would take offense to that, but my twin and I have always loved being known as “The Cardoso Twins.” It was sort of our brand and we didn’t mind it. Growing up, Cassie and I have been inseparable ever since I could remember walking. We constantly finish each other’s sentences (and sandwiches), literally are never not singing, and make Disney references like it’s no one’s business. 

When the time came to apply for college, we had a few universities in common that we could see each other at. Realistically, we knew we would probably not end up at the same place. I was dead set on living up north in the city, while Cassie wanted to stay in Florida. In the end, I accepted Florida State’s offer and she got a great scholarship at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. 

When many heard we would be separating and living very far away from each other, we were constantly asked, “How will you guys survive?” or get looks of sympathy from our distant family members and friends. During that time, Cassie and I didn’t think the distance would be a problem. We knew we would FaceTime and plan trips to see each other. In those moments, we were just excited to start college and our new journey.

When I started summer C, it was an adjustment for sure. Having my best friend a door away from me at home was the norm, so being in a tiny dorm without her was hard. That and being that the longest we’ve been apart until then was two days for a cheer competition. Saying goodbye was tough, but we knew we’d see each other in a few weeks for the Fourth of July. After the six weeks were over, I spent the next few at home prepping to head back to Tallahassee for the fall semester.

I think it was early September when my sister and I both felt weird not being with each other all the time. She’s in D.C. doing her own thing, while I’m in Tallahassee. Our schedules don’t really give us time to talk as often, so it was difficult not being able to tell her right away that I got an A on my bio test or her wanting to FaceTime me about a cute outfit she wanted to wear for the weekend. It’s little things that make me miss her the most. 

After we got the hang of things and adjusting to our schedules, we had our new routine. Yes, it sucks not having her with me all the time, especially during the bad days, but having a twin sister is having someone who’s always there no matter the distance. As I’m writing this, I’m also currently FaceTiming Cassie. I guess you can say we will always be inseparable, just physically 870 miles away, but who’s counting? 

Living apart from my twin sister is not easy. That’s the truth. When I have a rough day, the first person I always want to go to first is my twin. Living apart from each other has taught us both so many things, but in its own way, distance has brought us closer together. Regardless, we still look forward to the breaks and spontaneous visits!  

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