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Living and Writing the LA Lifestyle: Meet Cheyanne Dunn

Name: Cheyanne Dunn

Age: 23

Relationship Status: Single and dating

Her Campus (HC): When did you graduate from FSU?

Cheyanne Dunn (CD): December 2014.

HC: Where are you living nowadays? Do you like it?

CD: I currently live in Los Angeles and so far I love living here. The city is beautiful, the people are friendly and of course the weather is beyond amazing.

HC: Where are you working?

CD: I currently intern for a website called The {C} Magazine based out of Atlanta. I write about television shows and movies as well as events that are happening in LA. I also work in a restaurant downtown as a hostess.

HC: Do you have any career goals for the near future?

CD: My sister once told me, “I never want to stop working, as in I want to keep trying every aspect of writing and never settle.” That was a huge inspiration to me this year. I do have career goals. I would love to write for a Late Night Talk show, but I completely agree with what my sister said. I would love to try all different types of writing before I settle into something for good. I’m young and have plenty of time to decide where I want to be, so for now I’ll basically try anything that includes writing.

HC: What are some personal goals that you hope to reach this year?

CD: This year, I’d love to find a full time writing job and get to explore different areas of the industry. I do want to work in comedy in some way, so maybe for this year my goal is to start doing stand-up or improv and become more comfortable with myself on stage.

HC: How did being a Seminole make you into the person you are today?

CD: Being a Seminole taught me to be proud of who I am and where I came from. Our school is not only known for our football team being national champs but also for “our rapist quarterback”, or so says everyone I meet in LA. But I just remember how proud I am to be from this amazing school and this wonderful family. Being a Seminole taught me pride and family values, and I will always be thankful for that. Also I’d like to thank FSU for our amazing EWM program. When I first entered the program, I was unsure of what would come of it, but a lot of the things I learned about writing for online have been super helpful in my everyday life. I appreciate that our school has this amazing program and hope other kids take away from it as much as I did.

HC: Your sister, Gaby, works for Buzzfeed and has starred in a bunch of their videos. Have you participated in any of Buzzfeed's videos? What did you think about it?

CD: I should’ve known there would be a question about her! But yes, Gaby works at Buzzfeed and has gathered herself a huge Internet following, which is crazy for me to see. I have been in a few videos, when her friends need people or I happen to be at the office when they’re filming something, and I enjoy it a lot. Buzzfeed has grown into a huge powerhouse in LA. All of the people who work there have crazy fans and fan pages that they never expected. My sister gets noticed on the street from her purple hair and people go bonkers. I love getting to hang out and be friends with these amazing writers, producers, actors, comedians and so on because it inspires me and gives me something to work towards. And who knows, maybe someday soon I’ll be working there too? You never know.

You can see what Cheyanne's up to in LA by following her on Twitter and Instagram. Check out some of the videos she’s been featured in with her sister Gaby and Buzzfeed below!

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