The Little Things That Make Me Happy

Almost every day I wake up disoriented thinking I’m in bed in my room at my parents’ house. I can even feel my little French Bulldog, Duncan, curled up by my feet but as I start to come to, I realize it’s just a pile of dirty laundry that I haven’t kicked onto the floor yet. My alarm and I play a monotonous game of tag until I finally decide to get up two hours after the original set time and a little over an hour after my first class. I stay buried in an avalanche of dense blankets of obnoxious colors next to a literal life-size teddy bear until I’m able to muster up the little strength I have to make some coffee. Some days are just a little harder to get through than others but a steaming cup of coffee in the tired morning manages to brighten my mood along with a number of other little splendors throughout the day. Here is a list of those things, give them a try to brighten your day as well!

1. Coffee

I set up my coffee maker on the desk in my bedroom, just a quick step from the foot of my bed when I moved in. Every morning I crawl out of my plush fortress, fill the Keurig with water and wait as the liquid spurts into my mug. I turn on the TV, nestle back into my covers and sip from my cup even if it’s still scalding. The warm steam fills my nose with the scent of nutty goodness.  I don’t care what ill things people say about coffee and how drinking tea is healthier, I have an ulcer and it makes the mornings slightly more endurable than without.

2. Being Outside

Courtesy: Yelp

I don’t have to study every day but when I do I like to be outside to do it. After my classes, I collect my things, head back to my car and drive over to Cascades. I sit outside at the coffee shop underneath the Edison restaurant with my books and laptop spread out on the splintery table spotlighted in the warmth of the sun. I’ll usually get an iced latte (look, coffee works for multiple times of the day!) or something from inside because it really hits the spot when I’m stuck in the stagnant heat without a breeze. Here, I soak up my daily dose of vitamin D and get most of my school work done that I would otherwise neglect until last minute.

3. Being Alone

Don’t get me wrong, I love company. I love company to the weird point that I don’t even need to be talking to someone to be happy, I just need another presence in the same room. But, being alone for a certain period of time each day really gives me time to think and to just be. It’s usually late afternoon at this point, and I lay on my back in my bed and stare at the ceiling. The A/C hums from my wall, I close my eyes and just relax.

4. Watching a Movie at Night


After a long day of classes and studying and socializing, I get to relax at home in the living room of my apartment and watch a movie to sum up the day. Sometimes, I’ll select a movie from the assortment of DVDs on the TV stand or I’ll just watch something that’s already on. I curl up in the corner of the couch with a blanket and a couple of pillows and let a movie slow down the night.