Lissette Calveiro: Internship Guru and Fashionista!

Name: Lissette Calveiro

Major: Public Relations and Leadership Studies

Hometown: Miami, FL

Relationship Status: I call my boyfriend Marshmallow; he calls me Lily pad.

Campus Involvement and Extracurricular:

• The IGNITE Party Campaign Manager: won all 44 of legislative and executive branch seats this spring!

• Student Government Association Press Secretary: served as the voice of SGA at FSU for two consecutive years.

• Florida Senate Intern at Senator Evers’ office: from publicity to legislative duties, serving in our state government has been a favorite.

• FSU Service Scholar: a group of 10 to 12 students are selected prior to starting at FSU and are offered a scholarship on the basis that we complete more than 75 hours of service every semester. Through this, I’ve participated in various service projects and executive boards across campus and the Tallahassee community (The Big Event, Oasis Center for Women and Girls, PeaceJam Southeast, et cetera).

Her Campus (HC): You're always so stylish! Describe your everyday style:

Lissette Calveiro (LC): Most recently, I find that comfort triumphs extravagance. Working at The Capitol requires that I maintain myself in a business professional manner. Around those hours I’m commuting on and off campus for classes and extracurricular activities, meaning that the tight pencil skirt and Jeffrey Campbell pumps combination are a no-go. However, I always make it a point to include a statement piece: a necklace, patterned blazer, leather piece, bright lipstick, et cetera, to let [my] personality stand out. The most important thing I’ve learned from this is that fashion is not about luxury; it’s about self-expression and using clothes as a vehicle for making people feel great about themselves.

HC: Who (or what) is your style inspiration?

LC: I pick up inspiration from the people around me. One can say this is the reason I’m drawn to big cities; I’m surrounded by people all the time. There’s no better feeling in the world than jumping on a subway or strolling down a busy street full of creative, unique people and their style. I find myself thinking, “I like how she did this, I like the way her pants are rolled up, I’m going to try tucking my shirt in like that next time, et cetera.” When I’m hibernating at home, I pick up the latest Vogue and Elle magazine copies, developing inspiration from their editorial — I try to ignore the advertisements.

HC: What's your favorite thing about being a student at FSU?

LC: Something I really appreciate about Florida State University is the power of the student. Being involved in Student Government Association, I’ve witnessed students shift social norms and stimulate positive change. From lobbying in Washington D.C. to sitting in on meetings with important administrators, the student voice at FSU sits at the top of the hierarchy. And, of course, I absolutely love being National Champions!