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Girl With Fringe Earings 1
Girl With Fringe Earings 1
Anna Thetard / Her Campus

How Statement Earrings Changed My Approach to Style

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Confession time: I have an obsession with earrings. Not classic, timeless ones you can wear with anything, but ones that make a statement: weird, overly large, or even with incredibly niche designs. I have an absurdly large number of them. To be exact, the last time I counted, I reached over 100 pairs. Realistically, that’s more earrings than anyone in their right mind ever needs.

I’ve had my ears pierced since elementary school. My mom took me to the doctor to do it, and I cried at the pain I was experiencing until I saw how pretty it looked. This fact fits with my hoard of earrings, but you’d probably be shocked to learn I stopped wearing them for most of middle and high school, only occasionally remembering to put something in. I’m still shocked that my lobe holes didn’t close up.

During the summer between my junior and senior year of high school, I did a summer theatre program in Chicago where, inspired by one of the other girls there, I bought my first pair of obnoxiously large earrings. A set of oversized plush pink strawberries was my first foray into statement earrings, and from that point on I was sold.

I don’t know how I changed from someone who never wore jewelry to someone who has the perfect earrings for any outfit, but it’s a change I’ve welcomed. As someone who doesn’t usually put a ton of thought into what clothing I’m throwing on, earrings are a simple way for me to feel put together in seconds.

We all know accessories are key to leveling up an outfit, but I always end up taking bracelets and rings off halfway through the day because they start annoying me. More often than not, I spend so long fighting with the clasp on a necklace that it ends up not being worth figuring out how to get it on.

Statement earrings have allowed me to feel more confident in putting together outfits with the clothes I already own. If I get compliments on my guillotine-themed earrings every time I wear them, that’s a bonus.

Some of my favorite places to shop for statement earrings are Burlington, Claire’s, Target, and some small businesses I’ve found online. In particular, I have an obsession with a brand called Kikay — several of my favorite pairs are from there. Someone needs to fangirl with me over their feature of me on their Instagram page because that was the moment I peaked in life.

I’m not the most stylish person on the planet, nor will I ever claim to be. But wearing statement earrings has allowed me to add a little bit of myself into every outfit I put on, even if it’s just shorts and a T-shirt. It’s helped me embrace the parts of myself that are a little bit weird, evidenced by everything from parrot earrings with feathers to an absurd number of butterfly-themed earrings I own.

If you’re ever curious about statement earrings, feel free to ask me for an earring tour! Just be prepared: it’ll take hours.

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Emma is lifetime creative getting a dual degree in Theatre and Creative Writing. She's passionate about sad girl indie pop music, batman characters, Taylor Swift, and media analysis. She's also chronically online, if you couldn't already tell. But the fun doesn't end there: she's also a crazy cat lady who can't wait to live in a big house so all 30 of her hypothetical future cats can have their own bedrooms. She also loves writing for HCFSU ;)