A Letter to My Single Friends on Valentine’s Day

Dear friends,

You're single, and Valentine's Day is a looming monster charging at you to remind you of your inadequacy in finding love. You're dreading having to look around and see all the lovey couples. You know you're bound to feel like you're less than you are. I hope that this Valentine’s Day you can find it in you to really love and appreciate yourself. I hope you realize that being single shouldn't prevent you from feeling loved! You are more than your relationship status. In fact, your relationship status says nothing about the amazing soul you are and the unconditional love you give the world around you. 

I hope you can see that you are beautiful, and you don’t need a significant other to believe that. I think society has placed extremely inaccurate representations of relationships and dating. These inaccurate representations have caused us to think that if we don’t have a significant other, there’s something wrong with us or we’re not good enough. Especially when social media makes it seem like every couple is living their best life and so in love. Couples on Twitter and Instagram make it look so easy---when love isn't meant to be easy. We never see behind the scenes. You don’t know that couple’s story---how long it took them to find each other or how many fights they're having. We only see perfection online.

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That's why it's not right for you to compare yourself to them! I know you look at certain people and think "why not me?" and that habit needs to stop. You will never find clarity in someone else's filter! You are beautiful inside and out. Whether you have a significant other or not can't change that. There's nothing wrong with you if you don't have a Valentine. What matters is celebrating those in your life that have given you love and celebrate your connection with one another.

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I am always telling you that one day you'll find someone who loves and appreciates you for who you are, but you already have that someone. In fact, you have multiple. I, along with all of those around you, already see you for the amazing person you are. You have touched so many lives. Every time you have laughed and cried with me, you've made my life worth it. I just wish you would be able to see that yourself. Valentine's day is about celebrating love and you already have it! All of those around you love you for your wisdom, your smiles, your positivity, your humor and more. It's up to you to finally see it and stop living a life of constant criticism and comparison.

This Valentine’s Day I want you to ignore the lovey couples, ignore your past relationships and focus on yourself and the love you already have. We are so lucky to experience the connections we have with each other, our parents and all of those around us. It’s time we truly appreciated them and ourselves. Therefore, I want no moping this Valentine’s Day! Instead, let’s celebrate the wonderful life we’ve been given and the incredible love we’ve experienced.

I love you to infinity,


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