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Leslie Knope Is the Friend We All Wish We Had

Leslie Knope is a hell of a girl boss so there’s no wonder why she is our spirit animal or why she would make an amazing friend. Leslie Knope has a strong work ethic, is kind, and is obsessed with waffles. Who isn’t though?

Here’s how you’ll know if you have a friend like Leslie Knope:

1. Our classes can keep us busy but there’s always that one friend that convinces you that the research paper you’re working on can wait for a girls night out with just one look.

2. Everyone gets on a health-kick every so often, but don’t let your friend know you’re having junk food cravings because they’ll just help you their way.

3. Asking her for fashion advice won’t sound anything like how your mom used to give you advice.

4. Your friend will do anything for you and she acts like she has everything together, but sometimes she just needs you to let her know that it’s okay to be on the verge of a mental breakdown.

5. Her obsession with waffles can benefit both of you, especially if you wake up in the hospital after a crazy night

6. If she doesn’t get her way, only you know how to deal with her attitude but at least she looks funny doing it.

7. She’ll always assure you that it’s not your fault or problem.

So, if you don’t have one already, find yourself a friend like Leslie Knope. There will never be a dull moment.​

All Gifs Courtesy UPROXX.

Some days my spirit animal is Leslie Knope. Other days, it's April.
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