LegendaRIH: Rihanna Receives Her First Fashion Award for Fenty

The legendaRIH Robyn Rihanna Fenty has won her very first award for her clothing line FENTY. The Fashion Awards, held by The British Council in London, presented Rihanna with the Urban Luxe Award on Monday night. Her self-titled, high fashion luxury clothing line launched in May of this year and has transcended expectations as it is already winning awards. Presented by Janet Jackson, the award is meant to signify a designer who has redefined the way sportswear is perceived across the globe and how the designer is currently elevating casual to high end all while celebrating the innovation and influence of the brand. In seven short months, Rihanna has done just that. Rihanna founded the fashion house in 2017 under the luxury fashion group Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH), which is also home to brands like Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton and Fendi. The fashion label made Rihanna the first black woman to be added to the LVMH group.

Courtesy: New York Times

Rihanna launched FENTY in May of this year as herself as the muse. FENTY features structured silhouettes in subdued neutrals that emphasize strong shoulders, cinched waists and exposed legs. Regal and daring designs make the line vastly unique and keeps the essence of the singer herself. Selling out almost immediately after launching and red-carpet appearances by celebrities such as Bella Hadid and Cardi B has established the brand as a force to be reckoned with. Changing the luxury fashion game, instead of debuting her clothes on a runway, Rihanna made her clothes available right away online at Fenty.com.

Courtesy: Vogue

Being presented an award by Janet Jackson holds a special significance on its own. Jackson is a trendsetter and fashion innovator as well as a Grammy-winning artist like Rihanna. She has also changed the conventions of what a pop-singer can do and has continued to pave the way for Rihanna and artists behind her. Janet had nothing but raving reviews for the award recipient, “You’re loved for your style, your boldness, and strength as a woman. You’re respected as a successful artist, fashion designer, activist, entrepreneur and for being the first black female at LVMH”. 

This full-circle moment wouldn’t be what it is without Rihanna displaying what consumers love most about FENTY, the interesting and stylish designs you never really see anywhere else. Because Rihanna is a woman known for teasing her clothing, she wore a yet to be released FENTY outfit to the awards which everyone is still talking about.

Courtesy: Twitter

I know we all look forward to seeing what Rihanna is wearing. Announcing that Rihanna will be on the red carpet is a sure way of getting people to tune in. Her style and impact on the fashion industry has no doubt but to stand the test of time and FENTY makes sure of that.

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