Latinx Heritage Month at Florida State University

Latinx Heritage Month is more than just a month for Latinx people. This month of September is established to recognize and immerse everyone into Latinx history/geography, traditions and culture. This is done at Florida State University through social events, seminars, community service, film screening, yard shows, sports, and more.

The Hispanic Latinx Student Union (HLSU) immerses students into the culture, traditions, geography and history of Latin communities in different ways. Some ways they did this was by recognizing México’s Independence Day on Sep. 16. As well as by presenting its students with an Ice breaker by playing Spanish songs and having them sing the lyrics if they knew the song in a group. The event also called out Latino and Caribbean countries to acknowledge the diversity of Latino people in both regions.

Another way of immersing us into the Latino culture was by talking about what Pa’lante means to them. This was inspired by the music video “Hurray for the Riff Raff” by Pa’lante. Pa’lante means to move forward despite all the struggles the Latinx countries had faced. They also played Kahoot where they asked questions about the history, traditions and culture of Latinx countries.

There are many traditions in the Latinx countries and Florida State University celebrates them in many ways this month. For instance, the culture was honored on Sep. 17 with an inaugural celebration. Where the Faculty, staff, and administrators gathered together at the Diamond Concert Hall to listen to Latino Soul Orchestra.

Courtesy: Paige Rentz.


FSU's inaugural Latinx Cultural Celebration featured a keynote address by Nicaraguan-born activist Juana Bordas. The sponsors of this program were The Center for Leadership & Social Change in partnership with the President’s Council on Diversity and Inclusion. The program was hosted by Associate Professor of Education Lara Perez-Felner and Assistant Professor of English John Ribo who serve as co-chairs for the Latinx Faculty/Staff Network.

“We’re so honored to be a part of this celebration and community that is joining together so many different cultures and backgrounds, students, staff, friends, community members and alumni,” Perez-Felkner said.

The initiation of the event started by recognizing the ancestral home of the Apalachee, Seminoles, Creek, Muskogean and Miccosukee. Ribo stated, “Without them, we would not have access to this gathering and this dialogue. We take this opportunity to thank and honor the original caretakers of this land.”

More than 20 Latinx countries were acknowledged with a moment of silence.

Two awards were presented: The FSU’s Latinx Distinguished Service Award and the Rosalina Gonzales Award, which was named after the first Latinx student to graduate from Florida State College for Women in 1921.

The importance of diversity was reinforced by FSU President John Thrasher who welcomed attendees and emphasized diversity as one of FSU’s top priorities.

Hernandez stated,“As we continue to explore diversity at the university, it’s important for us to take a moment and acknowledge the growth of our student body that mirrors the growth of our state’s population during this time period,” and that “It gives us an opportunity to celebrate the various accomplishments of notable members of the community throughout our state, our country and history.”

Courtesy: Florida State University

Don’t miss out on more upcoming events, “Guest Speaker: Kat Lazo” will be speaking at the Oglesby Union University Ballroom on September 24th 2019 from 6:15 p.m to 8:15 p.m. Check out more events on the Hispanic Latino Student Union on Facebook.

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