Kylie Cosmetics' Newest Collaboration Is Here

Nearly two years ago, Kylie Jenner took the world by storm with her infamous lip kits. Now she’s turned the venture into a full-time company that is valued at over $900 million. Since the release of her first lip kits, Kylie Cosmetics has created numerous collections full of pigmented eyeshadow palettes, shimmering highlighters, intense glosses, and beautiful lipsticks. Now, Kylie Jenner has teamed up with her BFF, Jordyn Woods, to offer a highly anticipated collection. Since the start of the company, the dynamic duo has always discussed a collaboration, which released on Sep. 21. The five-piece collection was first revealed last week on Instagram through posts both by Jordyn and Kylie.



The most noticeable feature of the entire collection is the packing, designed by Hayden Williams. It features a ton of rose gold that Jordyn absolutely loves according to a behind the scenes video with the pair. In addition to the beautiful shimmering pink, the packaging also features illustrations of the best friends. “I always wanted a cartoon version of us,” explains Woods in the video.



The eyeshadow palette, which consists of twelve pigmented shades, is already a fan favorite of the collection. The matte, satin and shimmer shades are all named: Wife Life, Loyal, True Love, Peru, Soul Mate, My Heart, Don't Ever Leave Me, Sister, Ride or Die, Marry Me, Wild Love, and Love You B*tch. “All of the names deal with us or how we feel about each other,” explains the duo in the behind the scenes video.



Also in the collection is a mini-highlighter palette consisting of four shimmering shades. The seemingly gold undertone shade is called “Best Life,” the pink undertone shade is “Inseparable,” the cool blue tone shade is “Together Forever,” and the light gold-like shade is “No New Friends.”



The two glosses in the collection are referred to as the pair’s favorite pieces in the collection. “So these two glosses right here are what I am the most excited to show you guys because it’s a brand-new formula that I think you guys are gonna fall in love with, and I’m previewing it in Jordyn’s collection because she loves glosses,” explains Jenner on an Instagram story. The mauve colored gloss and shimmering gold are called “23” and “Partner in Crime.”



In addition to the two glosses, the collection consists of one matte lipstick called “Woods.” Featuring a similar color to that of the gloss, Jenner says she “loves this color for fall.” In late August, Kylie Jenner announced on Twitter that products from her line will become available not only on Ulta’s website but also in stores. With expectations for this to occur by the holiday season, it’s no surprise fans are even more pumped about this collection.

Keep updated with the collection and future releases on Kylie Cosmetics’ Instagram.

All images courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics