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Kim Kardashian West has been fighting for prison reform and other social justice matters within the last few years, using her platform to reach out to politicians to bring these issues to a bigger stage. Kim even met with President Trump at the White House last May in order to talk more about prison reform.

Kim K has been popping in up our headlines for reasons other than her usual reality-show-based drama. With her already budding lobbyist career, it’s only fitting that KKW takes the next step: becoming a lawyer.

In a recent interview with Vogue, Kim revealed that she decided last summer to pursue this dream of taking the bar in 2022 during a four-year law apprenticeship. Ever since her involvement in the release of Alice Marie Johnson, a grandmother who had been charged for a nonviolent drug crime and held in a prison for the last 23 years, Kim realized that she wanted to know more, to have all of the facts of cases like these, so that she could do more.

When Kim met with President Trump, a fellow reality star, she had the platform and voice to fight for people who were wrongfully charged. Although this battle is one that many have been fighting for years, her perspective being so similar to Trump’s changed things. The President, in turn, reportedly admitted his fears of what backlashes this could bring him politically, according to CNN commentator Van Jones. The meeting actually sparked a deeper conversation that other activists probably could not have had with him.

Courtesy: Donald Trump’s Twitter

Although she was strongly encouraged by people to not meet with the President, Kim reacted by saying “It’s my reputation over someone’s life? Weigh that out. People talk sh*t about me all day long. It will just be another story about me versus someone getting their life back.”

Kim Kardashian has been related to Elle Woods of Legally Blonde; however, many people believe her perspective is one that America would benefit from.

Courtesy: Jennifer Wright’s Twitter

And many people have related this passion to her father’s experience as a lawyer. Kim was apparently very close to her father, a member of O. J. Simpson’s defense team, before he died in 2003. Kim explained that she used to hang out in her dad’s hidden office, where all of O.J.’s evidence books were kept, and Kim would find enough interest in them to look through.

The Kardashian sisters explained to Vogue that it all makes sense, not only because of her close relationship with her father, Robert Kardashian, but also because of how interested Kim was with court TV and how that affected her growing up. Kourtney specifically notes that “[Kim] always seems to have all the answers.”

Kim Kardashian West becoming a lawyer is something that stemmed from years of guidance under her father in combination with the experience she’s gained working with lawyers and activists on criminal justice reform. Kanye spoke of his wife’s new career path, saying that “she’s always had it in her.”

California is one of only four states that allows an alternative method of taking the bar exam without attending law school. So, until her four years of her apprenticeship are up and she takes the bar exam in 2022, we can expect Kim K to be making waves in even more lobbying and activism opportunities.

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