Kiara Talancha: International Programs Alumna with a Passion for Sociology

Name: Kiara Talancha

Year: Junior

Age: 22

Majors: Sociology and International Affairs

Hometown: Born in Lima, Peru, but moved to Miami when she was 8 years old

Star Sign: Pisces

Photo By: Annie Gafe

Her Campus (HC): Hello Kiara, what organizations or recreational activities are you involved with?  

Kiara Talancha (KT): I am a pledge assistant to Phil Pfeffer pledge class of Alpha Phi Omega, Iota Rho. I am also the Vice President of Public Relations for FSU Professional Fraternity Council. In addition, I am a student recruiter for International Programs at FSU. I am also Garnet and Gold Scholar, but that is not until later. I will become one by the time I graduate.

HC: How did you become involved with the International Programs at FSU?

KT: I studied abroad my first semester in London, England, and once I came back to campus in the Spring I knew I wanted to share my experience to everyone that would listen. I even made a PowerPoint presentation to one of my suitemates before she went and studied abroad. I applied my freshman year and didn’t get it because I was an underclassman, but I did not give up and applied again the next year and I got it! I wanted to stay in England so badly! But because of immigration problems, I was not allowed to. Back then I didn't understand, but since working with them, I totally do now.

HC: What made you interested in becoming a Garnet and Gold Scholar?

KT: When I came back from studying abroad, I felt a bit lost because I was just new to the campus. So, to distract myself, I found different ways that I could use my studying abroad experience for the better, and that is when I found Garnet and Gold Scholars. I am doing international, service, and either research or leadership (I’m still trying to figure that one out).

HC: What kind of job do you hope to get after you graduate?

KT: I want to become a researcher in sociology and focus on studying immigrants and race/ethnicity in United States. They are getting bigger and bigger in United States and yet, there is not enough information on them, so I want to know more on how they are established here and how they identify themselves here.

HC: Do you hope on working internationally in the future?

KT: I hope to land a job in London with the study centre if I can, but if not, I just want to travel as much as possible. Studying abroad gave me the opportunity to feel like I can do anything anywhere and know that I am going to be alright.

HC: Where else is on your mind to travel to and why?

KT: This might sound cliché, but I want to go back to Peru. It is where I was born and I just want to go and see family, and possibly take some friends to Machu Picchu so that they can experience my culture that is far better than what a textbook would tell you. My cousins were here last month and they told me how much they want me to go and visit Lima. It has been too long, so I have to go back!

HC: Is there anything else you would like mentioned?

KT: Studying abroad opened doors to me that, otherwise, I would not have been able to even see. So I always thank International Programs and my family for pushing me to do it.