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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Call It Quits

This cannot be happening! First it was Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney, then it was Lea Michele & Matthew Paetz and now Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom! 2017 just keeps getting better and better…

It hasn’t even been a year yet and Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom already called it off with each other. The lovers just a couple months ago looked happy and in love with each other; there were no signs that showed problems with them. Recently, at the Vanity Fair Oscar’s After Party the pair did not walk together on the red carpet, rather they just glimpsed at each other with stern looks from far away. Katy was accompanied with her best friend, Allison Williams, while Orlando just held a coffee cup and was alone.

According to E! News, apparently Katy was the one that ended the relationship because of a few occurrences that happened a couple of months ago. However, sources say that the breakup was mutual, that they both just needed space from each other and maybe they could rekindle later on because they both still love each other very much.

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Just in January according to news.com, Katy had a birthday bash for Orlando for his 40th, which turned out to be a blast! They both also spent Christmas together with Katy’s family. The pair also spent the New Year in Tokyo, which shows that they were pretty serious with each other. Their first public appearance was last year at the Golden Globe Awards and ever since then they have been inseparable! They have been traveling the world together and visiting incredible places. Also, the couple visited hospitals together dressed as Mr. and Mrs. Claus during Christmas visiting the kids that are in need of help and giving them gifts.

There were also rumors that the couple had been engaged back in November because Katy had a big yellow diamond ring on her left hand and that same weekend they both spent Thanksgiving together with Katy’s family. However, the pair still keeps in touch with each other, but they are trying to keep it private from the press. Katy also has built a strong relationship with Orlando’s son, Flynn, with his previous marriage with model, Miranda Kerr. Katy adores his son and is sad that she will not be able to spend time with him like she used to when she was with Orlando.

Some people say maybe because of her new single “ Chained To The Rhythm,” she might have to tour and go for interviews and won’t have time to spend with Orlando and that might be why they took a break. Others say that Orlando has another girl that he is seeing and he left Katy for her.  We will never know the truth! But we wish them the best for both of them!

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