Kalie Marsch - The Next New York City Sweetheart

           Kalie Marsch is sitting across the table from me with an oversized coffee mug clutched in her hands, surreptitiously checking her phone, rattling off a story from her day, and reminding herself to breathe every three to four seconds. You can see her daily schedule scrolling behind her eyes as she calculates how much time she has before she needs to jet off to her next appointment. She is a nanny, a full-time student, co-Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus FSU, a Staff Writer for Swatch Magazine, Fashion Editor at TrendSeeder FSU, an Editorial Intern, and you can also catch her working as a Tutor at the Reading & Writing Center at FSU. Exhausted yet? I know I am and I’m just listening to her list off each of her daily duties. Yet, if you think that this is all that defines Kalie, you would be almost dead wrong. Kalie is the product of a too good to be true love story. Her parents met on a plane flying out of Orlando on the now retired Florida Express airline. Her dad was a Pilot and her mom was a Flight Attendant. I’m telling you, Nicholas Sparks wishes he could write stories like this.

            From the well-known Boca Raton (though Kalie always says she’s from Ft. Lauderdale), she has a love for the northern states of America. It is where her family is from. In fact, part of the reason Kalie is even at FSU is because of her parents love for the university. So when she went about applying for schools she decided to invest herself in continuing the family love of Seminole football. That and it was far away from South Florida. ;) However, Illinois and New York are calling desperately to Kalie as soon as she graduates this year. Whichever state acquires her will gain the next big influence in the editorial world. For Kalie, Chicago and the Big Apple hold a dear place in her heart. She sees both cities as having the best potential in furthering her career as either a publisher or the next editor-in-chief for a fashion magazine.

            If there’s one thing you absolutely need to know about Kalie, is that like most young women in the editorial world, Carrie Bradshaw is one of her biggest inspirations.

            When she isn’t watching reruns of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (her guilty pleasure), you can catch her on the elliptical at the Leach. She thoroughly enjoys the rush of adrenaline after completing a great workout. Outside of her love for the gym, she tends to curl up in her comfiest clothes and read a book or magazine in order to wind down. Other hobbies of Kalie include watching documentaries, the Discovery Channel, and baking. She has been known to make an amazing gluten-free pizza and is actually quite good at making it taste delicious even though, to me, it’s lacking all of the important things.

            For those of you who will be working under her in the upcoming years, you can easily bribe her with Starbucks or anything purple. She finds that because she’s so busy all of the time, she’s developed a small OCD habit of keeping her schedule in order. Who is to blame her though? With as much involvement as her I would find myself lost in a sea of papers! Whatever her secret is, she’s got it down pact because I have yet to see this girl slip up.