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Judgment Free Day AKA Mug Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Fall semester has officially begun in Tallahassee. You slowly begin to realize that syllabus week is long gone and the homework that you’ve been putting off is starting to pile up. Frat rush truly is better than Christmas, but who has time to wait 30 minutes to get in somewhere already at max capacity? And with all the stress from cops cracking down and undercovers lurking in the corner, it looks like bars in Tally might not be the place to be. But you deserve a safe place to relax after a long week. Well luckily for us, Kens has us covered with Mug Day.

For those of you who don’t know, Mug Day at Kens in the ultimate beer fest. It’s a day of competitive drinking that is sure to make you feel some type of way. How does it work? On Sunday, September 20th, registration begins at noon – sharp. You will be assigned a number, which is very important. That number is your new name for the night. Ken’s staff will take roll by calling your number every two hours until 8. After that, they call your number every hour to make sure you’re still hanging in there. You have to be present to take roll; otherwise your day drinking was for nothing and you’ll be disqualified. The night ends at 2 a.m. and the winners will each get a whole goodie bag of stuff. It’s a long day for sure, but the reward of completing Mug Day (especially the classy Ken’s beer mug) is definitely worth it.

Other perks include free entry into the Strip whenever you want. This even includes game days so it pays for itself in no time. They have super cheap beer or liquor mugs all day and well into the night (like 2 bucks cheap). Plus when Ken’s has dollar drinks, you get a mug full for a dollar. However, this deal only lasts as long as you have your mug. You’ll also receive a Ken’s Mug Holder T-shirt to rub your drink deals in your friend’s faces and an official ID card. And the best reward of all? Knowing you stuck in there for all 11 hours and you can say you beat Mug Day.

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So, what’s the catch? With cheap alcohol, there’s always a catch. First of all, you have to be 21. But, like, actually 21; your fake from Nebraska isn’t going to cut it. Sorry, freshies. You also have to return your mug from last year in order to participate. And yes, they do have a list so they know when you sign up if you received a mug last year. And registration is $100, so time to cash some of your financial aid check and put it to good use. Let’s be real, you didn’t buy your books anyways so it’s time to have some fun with your friends.

Make sure to get there early before all the numbers are given out. Remember, water is your friend and doing shots may make for a great snap story, but you might not make it until 2. Good luck, Collegiettes, and may the mugs be ever in your favor.

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