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Joseph Ng: The Method Behind the Miracles as Dance Marathon Captain

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

With so many ways to get involved on campus, it can be overwhelming looking for the right fit for you. However, sometimes the best way to find an opportunity for involvement is to look at the skills you have and make them work for you. Joseph Ng is a sophomore with a lot on his plate. Not only is he currently studying Information Communication Technology and Spanish, but he is also a member of the FSU Advertising Club, a graphic designer at the Center for Global Engagement, and a Technology Captain for Dance Marathon at FSU. I was able to flag him down to talk to him about how he was able to channel his passion for graphic design and photography into something bigger than himself.


Her Campus (HC): Tell me a little bit about your involvement with Dance Marathon.

Joseph Ng (JN): I am a Technology Captain for Dance Marathon at FSU where my role is mainly comprised of taking pictures and videos at the events leading up to the Marathon and the Marathon itself. My responsibilities also include editing videos and promotional content to encourage others to register to dance and fundraise for Dance Marathon, too!

HC: It seems like a Technology Captain has a lot of work required of them. How do you manage to get it all done?

JN: Well, I’m not the only captain, so that helps! I work with a team of other captains, coordinators and our Technology Chair, Mark Young. We’re at almost, if not all the events, and we take pictures and have a lot of talented people who put in work to edit those videos and turn them out so people can see and share it. It’s not a one-man job but together we make it happen.

HC: What motivated you to be a Technology Captain of all positions?

JN: Last year, I volunteered with the hospitality team for the first shift and while watching the opening ceremony I thought, “Wow this is a really cool cause I can get behind!” So then when mid-August rolled around and I see the captain applications come up, I went for it. It seemed like such a cool way to get involved and also utilize my talents in photography and videography. I feel like I was benefiting by gaining skills and experience from my involvement and that my involvement was benefiting in return, so it worked out really well.

HC: That’s such a perfect fit! It’s really great that you were able to find a place to use your photography and graphic design skills for a cause like Dance Marathon. Is there anywhere else you put the skills you’ve learned to use within the community?

JN: Not as much photography, but with graphic design I work at the FSU Center for Global Engagement. I work under the communications coordinator, and we mainly design graphics and posters for programs to promote students to engage with different diverse cultures of different nations.



HC: Where do you find the motivation to juggle all those responsibilities and stay involved?

JN: I see staying motivated as two major factors. First, I’m promoting students to be open to engaging with other cultures of other nations which I think is really important especially in the current political and social climate. Now more than ever we have to be open and accepting of other people’s backgrounds and learning more so we’re not ignorant to stereotypes and misconceptions about people different from ourselves. And secondly, for Dance Marathon it’s the cause that’s so much bigger than I am. Even if I’m playing a smaller role in the organization, it’s still helping out and lending a hand, fundraising, and just doing as much as I can to help kids live a better life. I feel like we’re just making a stand and standing in solidarity trying to help them find a cure and make some miracles happen!

HC: Absolutely. I know you’re clearly a very busy man, so I’ll leave you with this: is there any advice you have for someone who wants to get involved but feels like they can’t do it?

JN: I feel like personally as someone with not the greatest time management skills, you’ve just got to think about what you really hold in terms of priority. Sometimes you may have to make some sacrifices, such as rescheduling a dinner with friends, but it’s just what comes with accepting a responsibility. Of course, as a college student, education is also always at the forefront. But still, if you have the motivation and are really passionate about something, you’ll find a way to make it happen and it’ll be worth it. If you have the skills or want to further them, there are millions of ways to do that with both on and off-campus involvement. Just keep your eye out because there’s always an opportunity to try something new, so when you see one that best fits you, do it!

All images courtesy of Joseph Ng.

Nellie Zucker is a staff-writer for the HerCampus FSU chapter and is pursuing a degree in English Literature. While she has a knack and passion for covering harder news stories, she also enjoys writing about film, television, music, and comedy. She hopes to apply her skills as a staff writer for a magazine, newspaper, or television show after graduation.
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