John Krasinski and Steve Carell Host Some Good News

I know I can’t be the only person who is tired of waking up every day and seeing only Coronavirus information hijacking my newsfeed. Although this information is important, we need to give our anxiety some time to chill out. I recently found out that I’m not the only person who was seeking a break from the madness! I wasn’t surprised when I found out that John Krasinski, aka America’s beloved Jim, stepped forward to share Some Good News. This home-made show is very self-explanatory and doesn’t take much brain power to understand (amazing, I know). Krasinski explains in the video that although we are in an “incredibly trying time,” Some Good News will highlight the good that is still happening all over the world.

Krasinski kicked-off the show by pointing out that although the world is battling a pandemic, the “human spirit broke through.” He wasn’t kidding. The first dose of good news given to viewers showed clips of citizens showing their love and appreciation to healthcare workers through daily cheering sessions at every shift change. The good news ranged from a neighbor caring for another neighbor’s lawn while he is deployed overseas, to people leaving out toilet paper and hand sanitizer for delivery workers, to one man purchasing 100 lobsters in attempt to keep a local business open and so much more in between! There was so much good news to go around, enough to make anyone crack a smile. I was attempting to smile through all of the happy tears.

My tears kept flowing when Krasinski introduced his “co-host,” Steve Carell. Carell appeared on camera alongside his wife Nancy who received all of the credit for teaching the two stars how to maneuver the Zoom call. If Steve Carell and his wife alone didn’t make you smile, watch it again. The two seemed to pick up right where they left off, giving off all the nostalgia feels we know from Michael and Jim. The pair spoke about The Office turning 15 years old that week (which made me cry more) and how a reunion show could potentially happen! Once their laughter died down, Krasinski cleared his throat and said to Carell, “Hopefully one day we just get to reunite as people, and all just get to say hi. I miss you a ton, man … Boy, are you good news.”

Krasinski saved the most touching portion of good news for last, as he showed a clip of a cancer patient returning home after her last round of chemo. Coco was greeted by family and friends parked on the side of the road that led to her house. The balloons and homemade signs along with all of the cheering brought Coco to tears. The video took the internet by storm and moved Krasinski so much that he had to bring her on the show. Some Good News concluded with a message from Coco to all of her doctors and nurses at her hospital.

If you need to be reminded of all the good news in the world, Some Good News has you covered.

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