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Joey Mousa: Brainy Cutie

Name: Joseph Mousa 

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Year: Senior         

Age: 22

Major: Electrical Engineering

Relationship Status: Sorry gals, he’s taken!

Her Campus (HC): What influenced your decision to go into engineering?

Joey Mousa (JM): My mother and my interest in science and math.

HC: What are your career goals post-graduation?

JM: I want to become a great electrical engineer for a large company and work with teams to build difficult projects.

HC: What’s the most difficult class you’ve taken as an engineer major?

JM: Digital Communications.

HC: Considering your course curriculum, can you give any advice to those who are struggling right now in any classes?

JM: Use your resources. The Internet is a great tool as well as the free tutoring services on campus.

HC: What’s the most challenging experience you’ve had at FSU?

JM: Finally figuring out my major was pretty difficult since I never had a clear-cut path of what I wanted to be when I grew up.

HC: What’s the most rewarding experience you’ve had at FSU?

JM: It’s hard to pick out one rewarding experience, but I have to say I am very proud of all my hard work in the books and at the gym.

HC: So besides solving numerical equations that most people struggle to even look at, what other activities do you enjoy?

JM: Hanging out with my girlfriend and friends, going to the gym and playing soccer.

HC: What is your ideal date night with your girlfriend?

JM: A nice dinner with some wine and a movie.

HC: What’s a random fact about yourself that not many people know?

JM: I was hit by a Porsche going about 40mph.

HC: If you could be any kitchen utensil, what would it be and why?

JM: A fork because it was the first thing that came to my mind.

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