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Jessica Jones Showcases the Best Female Friendship on TV

When Netflix and Marvel come together, there’s no doubt something great will follow and Jessica Jones is living proof of that. The show first appeared on Netflix in 2015 and later released its second season in early March.

As someone who has always enjoyed, but never obsessed over the superhero genre I was shocked to find myself glued to the screen. Jessica Jones is unlike any other show I’ve seen before. The main character is emotionally detached, frank, and a self-proclaimed asshole. Her super-strength makes her a woman that doesn’t need to be saved. Truthfully, she spends most of the series protecting men against, well, other men.

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Still, there’s one element in this show that has drawn my attention from the very first episode. Despite Jessica’s powers and emotionally unavailable attitude, she has one weakness; her best friend. Trish Walker is the one character we see Jessica do anything for. Their friendship is the highlight of the series and only continues to grow stronger and more complicated as time goes on.

After Jessica’s family passes in a tragic accident at a young age, Trish and her mom take her in despite having no prior relation to her. Through their shared struggles with control, addiction, and abuse, Jessica and Trish grow to become each other’s sole family.  It doesn’t matter that they are opposite in most ways, their love stems from a place of sisterhood.  Both women risk their lives for the other and don’t shy away from speaking harsh truths when necessary. For them, “are you okay?” means the same as “I love you.” Real friendship isn’t always lovey-dovey Instagram posts, it can be messy and emotional, but that doesn’t stop them from referring to each other as sisters.

Sure they might be trying to save the world and all that, but the same lessons can be applied. Be there for your friend, empower her, and don’t let conflicting opinions breakdown a good relationship.

The genuine portrayal of female friendship is something media has always struggled to get right. Think about it. How many of your favorite girlfriends share a plot that doesn’t center around a guy in one way or another? Jessica Jones crushes this idea by providing the audience with two supportive women who love each other in one of the most honest, platonic ways I’ve seen presented on TV. Trish isn’t the sidekick best friend who cracks jokes or sits on the sideline, she plays an essential part of the story and shouldn’t be underestimated.

In the second season, we see these characters facing more insecurity and identity issues than before. This leads to larger conflict within their relationship. Ultimately, their friendship stumbles upon more hardships and some complicated storylines, but just like real ones, there’s hope that they’ll be able to put aside their personal struggles to be there for each other.  I look forward to watching these women grow individually and together because after all, they’re sisters and no amount of mind-controlling monsters can change that.

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