Jeffree Star’s Beloved Pomeranians Tragically Pass Away

Most people know Jeffree Star for his prominent role in the beauty community. He is best known for his creative and extravagant makeup looks, as well as his mansion and array of hot pink luxury cars. But outside of all the glitz and glamor, Star faces the same harsh realities of life as the rest of us. 

On Monday, June 10, 2019, Star shared the devastating news that his beloved Pomeranian, Diamond, passed away. Diamond was 9 years old at the time of her passing and, according to Star, dealt with some medical issues (including alopecia) long before. Diamond was a HUGE part of Star’s life, having been with him before Star rose to a level of extreme fame and glory. In an Instagram post bidding farewell to Diamond, Star says that the pup had been there for him “for a third of his life to make him smile each day.” In the same post, Jeffree Star recalls the death of his beloved pup as “ripping his heart in half.” Below, an old photo shows Star with his pups Diva and Diamond. In this photo, Star is seen sporting hot pink hair and eyebrows along with prominent pink blush – a bold look that he hasn’t donned in quite some time. This photo alone goes to show that Star’s beloved Diamond really had been there for Jeffree through various stages in his life.

Courtesy: Pinterest

More recently, Star devastatingly lost another one of his treasured pooch companions. Daddy, another Pomeranian of the Star family, tragically passed away after undergoing emergency surgery on Saturday, Oct. 5, 2019. On Twitter, Jeffree updated his fans on the status of Daddy. Star reported that the pooch had an abscess on his liver that needed emergency surgery to be removed. Doctors reportedly told the Star family that the pup had a 50% chance of surviving the needed surgery. Daddy had already struggled with medical conditions before the coming of this operation. He had an auto-immune disease that attacked healthy cells in his brain. Star reports that the pup had been on medication to suppress his body’s response to the disease, and the medication apparently made the coming surgery extremely risky. An emotional and tearful video regarding the status of Daddy before his surgery was uploaded by Star, in which he expressed great fear and concern for his beloved pooch. Star asks viewers for prayers as he heads back home to Los Angeles, California for the dog’s risky surgery.  

Courtesy: Jeffree Starr

Jeffree’s Twitter followers were kept up to date while Star reported that the risky operation went as well as it could have and he was hopeful about Daddy’s condition. Only a few hours later, Star posted the tragic news that the pup’s fragile body simply wasn’t able to handle the intense medication and surgery and that he had passed away. The terrible news of Daddy’s passing came only 4 months after the death of Jeffree’s previously mentioned dog, Diamond. 

Courtesy: Jeffree Star

Anyone who keeps up with the beauty mogul’s social media accounts knows that Jeffree Star truly cherishes all of his dogs, as he still has five Pomeranian pooches. He regularly posts videos and photos of them playing and frolicking through the yard or home, and being pampered with grooming appointments. The dogs also cuddle and sleep with Star and his boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt, in their bed. The pooches are referred to by Star as his children and he spends a great deal of time making sure they’re kept happy and healthy. The loss of two of his pups was a huge turning point in Star’s life. He reports that since the deaths of Diamond & Daddy, it’s been “hard to breathe” and the grief has felt like “a ton of bricks.” Jeffree Star sharing the death of his cherished pups was a candid and unapologetically human move.

By sharing his loss and grief, Star has made it helpful for fans to understand that celebrities experience the same type of loss as those of us that don’t boast a following of 14.4m on Instagram. To hear more updates on Jeffree’s pups and his life, be sure to follow him on Instagram or Twitter.

Courtesy: Jeffree Star

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