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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Drops Latest Collection

On Tuesday, Jeffree Star uploaded the unveiling of his cosmetic brand’s latest collection on YouTube. With over seven million views and counting, many fans of the YouTuber were excited to see the unveiling of the new collection. The latest collection has been given the name “Blood Lust,” and it sports a deep purple theme. At the center of the collection is the eyeshadow palette, which consists of 18 unique shades. The palette includes mattes and shimmers. As expected, there are various shades of purple, but Star has also included some other unexpected shades, such as teal and red. “Blood Lust” is the sister palette of Star’s other record-breaking bloodline palettes “Blue Blood” and “Blood Sugar.” Both past palettes have sold out multiple times and are even sold out as I write this. Star repeatedly does restocks of both and every time the palettes have not failed to sell out.

On why he chose to make the collection purple-themed, Star stated in the video “…When you combine red and blue, b*tch we all know you get purple, and I really wanted a purple moment.” Star also mentioned that the palette is completely made from a vegan formula, even though they can be hard to make. Star starts to dive into the details of the palette and its luxe packaging. The palette’s packaging has a hexagon shape and is covered with rich, purple velvet. After swatching every shade in the palette, Star unveiled five new lip glosses, one of them being named “Lord Star.” The YouTuber elaborates on the name, saying it’s a tribute to the internet constantly comparing him to “Lord Voldemort” from the Harry Potter series. He embraces the comparison and even says he thinks it’s funny. After swatching the lip glosses, he moves on to his new, iridescent highlighting powder. The powder can be seen on all the models’ bodies in the collections advertising photos. Lastly from his makeup collection, he showed his audience his mini lipstick bundle. Star is known for doing these bundles and they always feature mini versions of existing lipsticks shades from his brand, as well as a couple of new shades. This time around, there are two new lipstick shades that will be sold exclusively in this bundle. Star mentioned this is the one time they will produce the two shades and will not be sold separately.

After revealing the makeup line, Star showed off some exclusive merchandise to go along with it. His hand-held mirrors also quickly sell out, and this time he is releasing three. Two of the three are in his signature star shape, and the third features a crown. After the mirrors, Jeffree showed off his reusable metal straws and his grinders. To finish off the collection, there are some clothing and accessory pieces. These include two new Jeffree Star Cosmetics branded hats, as well as jackets. The last accessory is a little unexpected; it’s a purple fanny pack. The belted accessory has a luxe look to it and features gold-metal finishings.

The collection ranges from $18 up to $60 and will drop Feb. 21 on the cosmetic brand’s site. Watch the video for a full look at the collection!

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