The Jaguars Lost: Now What?

It sounded as if Revolutionary War cannons were going off as the Patriots tore down the Jacksonville Jaguars' last shot at any chance of making it to this year’s Super Bowl. The game started with the Patriots jumping out to an early three to nothing lead in the first quarter before the Jaguars offense took off and put up 17 unanswered points. Questionable calls at the end of the first half led to New England scoring a touchdown with 14 seconds remaining before halftime to make the score 17-10. With a slow third quarter that saw only three points (scored by the Jags), it was an all-out defensive display by both teams. Going into the fourth quarter, the Jags had a commanding 10-point lead that suddenly vanished, which led to Duval’s eventual demise. The game, of course, ended with Tom Brady leading a game-winning touchdown drive and canceling any plans the Jaguars had made to attend the Super Bowl LII. Final score: 24-20 Patriots.

A year ago, Jacksonville Jaguars fans would have been sitting on their couches watching the NFL playoffs from a distance as their team had been eliminated once again, as they had been accustomed to for over a decade. But this season brought new hope and a huge rallying behind Duval and Jacksonville, at least until all of their hopes were squashed by the machine that is Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots. With the huge amount of support the Jaguars have been gaining from Florida football fans, now is a time of mourning, a time where we have to endure past this bump in the road. Here are some ways to keep you along for the ride that is Duuuuuval.

 Courtesy: Pinterest​

1. We’re a basketball school now.

Who doesn’t love a good rivalry? Our very own men’s basketball team played UM this past Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018, at four p.m. at home. 'Noles were decked out in cute game day attire to support this long-time rivalry and cheer on their team to ignore the recent football loss. FSU beat the 'Canes 103-94. Terrance Mann = the goat.

2. Keep up your family rivalry.

We all have that one aunt or uncle from Boston who won’t stop gloating now that the Pats are heading back to the Super Bowl. Don’t let the Facebook taunting stop, and keep commenting on your northern relative’s “I live for the Patriots” posts because it’s time to become an Eagles fan. #FlyEaglesFly

3. Shrug off Minnesota’s loss.

Being a bandwagon Eagles fan is okay this semester, because hey, Dalvin Cook was out the entire season. So no, you are not rooting against your FSU alumni, because our beloved running back would have left an impact and we wouldn't have seen those Eagles fly so far if he'd played.

4. Rooting for the Eagles = Rooting for the 'Noles.

Being a bandwagon Eagles fan is also okay this semester because the Eagles are stacked with former FSU players, more specifically their defense, which consists of Ronald Darby, Timmy Jernigan, Terrance Brooks and Nigel Bradham. Root for these NFL Noles Febuarary 4 as Seminole Spirit lives on through these four at the Super Bowl LII.