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J. Cole is Coming to Pots and FSU is Losing Their Freaking Minds

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Need something to cheer you up as you sit in your lecture hall, or suffer from leg day at the gym? J. Cole just announced that he will being performing in Tallahassee this summer, and with that, happy Tuesday Seminoles. On Saturday, June 3, J. Cole will return to Tally once again to promote his new album, 4 Your Eyez Only. J. Cole is ready to give Potbelly’s the ultimate bold and passionate atmosphere, featuring not only his newest music, but some of his most beloved throwbacks as well. J. Cole has been an extremely important artist in our generation, with songs pertaining to injustices and current events, and it is an honor to have such a performer. Tickets go on sale this Friday, at dreamville.com, and fans are excited, to say the least. When J. Cole declared that he would be making a stop on his tour at FSU’s favorite bar, students went crazy on social media, making it the talk of the day.

Some students, however, don’t think Potbelly’s is the best venue to hold the rap artist. 


Pots never fails to draw a crowd for happy hour, so one could only imagine how full it will be when J. Cole arrives. Some students worry that Pots wasn’t the best choice for the venue, however, the mixed emotions regarding the location of his performance will not kill Tally’s vibe. No matter how small Pots may seem, how hot it may be, or how many drinks may get spilled on you, we will still make it an unbelievable night- it’s the Seminole way. So get ready FSU, because J. Cole is coming for you.

Alex is native to Miami, Florida but currently resides in Tallahassee. She's a Senior at Florida State double majoring in Editing, Writing and Media and Media Communications.