It's Official: '70s Fashion is Taking Over

Bellbottoms, suede skirts and platform shoes, oh my! '70s fashion has officially taken over. Don’t believe me? I have plenty of photographic evidence that '70s fashion trends are dominating fashion weeks and street styles around the country. From being plastered across Pinterest and Tumblr, to being sported by your favorite celebrities, '70s fashion can be seen virtually everywhere you look.

Suede Mini Skirts

Courtesy: Pinterest

This adorable suede skirt (that’s probably already on your Christmas list) is sassy and stylish, much like the fashion of the 70s era. The suede mini skirt ranges from the classic a-line, circle skirt to the tight, mini skirt, and is proven to be cute with any top. 

Knee High Boots

Courtesy: Popsugar

Go-go boots are definitely a thing now. Whether they have a daring heel or are casually flat, knee high boots have been a go-to this fall for many.  These boots look stunning over jeans and leggings, as well as under a t-shirt dress, a circle skirt and even shorts. 

Bell Bottom Jeans

Courtesy: US Magazine

Rest in peace, skinny jeans. Gone but never forgotten. Make room for the bellbottoms, which seem to be taking over the jean department of fashion. These pants are definitely staples of the '70s, and can be seen on your favorite celebrities in their favorite casual outfits. Bellbottoms are casual, but also fun, and can be paired with anything from a band t-shirt to a button down shirt.

Fringe Jackets

Courtesy: Pipmegan

Fringe jackets are fun and chic fashion staples of the 70s. Fringe is already taking over in styles like necklaces, earrings, scarves and much more. The fringe jacket, however, is the ultimate '70s throwback. Thrown on top of any dress, shirt or romper, these jackets are unbelievably easy to style and add loud personality to a look.

Peasant Tops

Courtesy: Shefinds

The peasant top is an effortless tribute to the easygoing, laid-back aspect of '70s fashion. The large and flowy sleeves, whether short or long, give a casual and peaceful vibe. These tops can be paired with matching skirts, denim shorts or even bellbottoms if you’re really trying to channel your inner '70s fashionista.

Platform Shoes

Courtesy: Fashionisers

Give your look a stylish height boost and add platform shoes to your wardrobe to achieve a '70s vibe. From those chunky white platform heels you’ve probably seen all over Tumblr/Pinterest, to the tall versions of Birkenstock/Jesus sandals, platform shoes are trending big time at the moment.

Floppy Hats

Courtesy: Glamazondiaries

There is no denying that floppy hats are the cutest accessory ever. These '70s-inspired hats are both flirty and classy. They are fabulous additions to any outfit for literally any occasion.

Neck Tie Blouses

Courtesy: Pinterest

The neck tie blouse is an emerging style in today’s fashion that can be seen from the runway to your favorite celeb. They give a classic, fancy vibe to any outfit. Whether it may be a simple string or a vibrant patterned silk scarf, the neck tie style is a sure fire way to nail the '70s fashion look.