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Involved to the MAX: One Students Dedication Knows No Bounds

There is no question that Florida State University has many notable and recognized individuals. From Sir Henry Kroto to Jameis Winston and even ‘Viners’ such as Marcus Johns, ‘Noles demonstrate talent, dedication, and prestige. But, you do not need to be famous to be a celebrity. Celebrities can be your friend that helps you in your time of need, your professor who goes above and beyond his or her pay grade, or even a complete stranger who has affected your surroundings without your knowledge. One such Campus Celebrity is Max Soloman, a recent History and International Affairs Cum Laude graduate of FSU who has yet to leave the school to which he has dedicated so much time and effort. It is no secret to those who have encountered Max that he continually puts forth a tremendous amount of effort and enthusiasm, often leaving his mark on the causes that he undertakes.

Her Campus (HC): Tell us about yourself. What are you involved with in Tallahassee?

Max Soloman (MS): I started my masters last summer and I plan on graduating this Summer before going to law school in the Fall. Currently, I’m an advisor for Alpha Phi Omega and a member of the SGA’s Office of Governmental Affairs. I love spending my time all around Tallahassee. I’m always surprised at how diverse Tallahassee can be. In one day, I can kayak at the Rez in the afternoon and go to a concert or see a play at night.

HC: What groups have you been involved with at FSU?

MS: I first got started at Hillel, since I figured joining a Jewish group on campus would allow me to retain some attributes of home life. I met a lot of different students from different backgrounds who introduced me to other organizations like Alpha Phi Omega. I’ve been involved in a lot of other campus groups, such as Undergraduate Studies’ FIG Program, Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society, Omicron Delta Kappa, and SGA.

HC: If you’re talking to an incoming freshmen, or just someone new to getting involved, what are some parting words about the benefits (both to you and those around you) for getting involved?

MS: The grades you get are not as important as the relationships you make. I know that’s controversial and surprising coming from a book nerd, but it’s true. Regardless of your career path, networking in the 21st century is paramount to a successful personal or professional life. You can’t spend your entire life in a library. I like to call myself a shy extrovert. I love binge watching TV on Netflix but going out on a Friday is just as important. Everyone needs personal time, but you develop much more as an individual by encountering new things and people out of your bubble. Don’t spend your nights boozing and your days failing your classes. Do figure out your balance between going out to dinner and staying in to study. You absolutely must join at least one organization your first semester. If not, then you really failed the experience, even if you get a 4.0 your first semester.

And there you have it. An inside look into the mind of a habitually giving and generous individual. Whether he is doing community service through Alpha Phi Omega, or taking friends and students alike under his wing, Max is certainly always giving back to his community, a trait necessary to be our very own Campus Celebrity. 

Cassi is a junior at Florida State University. As an Environmental Studies major, Cassi likes outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, and going to parks. She is part of a community Service Fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, which has brought her to some very unique and exciting experiences around Tallahassee. From washing dogs to preparing food for the elderly, Cassi loves to help the community out any way that she can. In her free time, Cassi likes to paint, read, take bubble baths, wreck her boyfriend at chess, beat the high score to Mrs. Pac Man at Voodoo Dog, play with her hamsters, or attend concerts. As always, this Seminole bleeds Garnet and Gold! 
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