Instagram Famous Sof Rodriguez Offers Advice on Photography and More

Name: Sof Rodriguez

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Year: Senior

Major: Humanities

Her Campus (HC): You have around 50,000 followers on Instagram - tell us how that happened.

Sof Rodriguez (SR): About a year ago, Instagram put me in their Suggested Users List which is a dynamic list that highlights some of the top photographers on Instagram.

HC: Does photography directly translate to your love of fashion?

SR: 100 percent, yes! Fashion is an art, and photography preserves it.

HC: What are some of the best places to take shots of in Tallahassee?

SR: There’s actually tons of great places for photos in Tallahassee. I really love Railroad Square Art Park, and the abandoned mansion in Ty Ty park. 

Courtesy: Alex Tellez

HC: If you could only eat at one place in the area what would it be?

SR: Momo’s is life - the best pizza in Tallahassee if I’m honest. It’s also a plus that one slice is literally the size of my face. Disclaimer: I don’t have a huge face/head, the slice is just that huge.

HC: Are there any activities on campus you’re invested in or you think will be good for those who would also like to explore creative outlets?

SR: I just started as a photographer for FSU Diverse World Fashion Magazine, which I’m really stoked about. As far as activities go, I basically live at the SLC watching films, and I go to tons of shows at Club Downunder, because films and music usually inspire me to be more creative. 

HC: Your repertoire is quite vast. Where do you see your skills being put to work in the future?

SR: I really want to be a Social Media Director for a cool fashion magazine/brand.

HC: Who are your fashion or social icons?

SR: Tavi Gevinson is literally my goddess.

HC: Guilty pleasures?

SR: Zayn Malik! Also, Harry Styles and his back-up singers.

HC: What is something people wouldn’t know about you by lurking your social media accounts?

SR: First, I was born on a cusp. Meaning that I am an Aries and a Taurus. I don’t believe in astrological signs, but if you do, there you go. Second, I love films. I love films in the sense that I feel all-knowing about the industry because I’ve seen all of Wes Anderson films 10 times over. I watch all the award shows and I cross my fingers when the winner is going to be announced. And third, I read fan-fiction. Shout out to Archive of Our Own.

HC: Any advice for freshman?

SR: It is okay to have existential crisis and to feel lost, this means you are growing and finally becoming self-aware of who you are.