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ICYMI: Presidential Debate, A Miami Tragedy and an Obama Veto

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Welcome back to another messy week in 2016, in which our government can’t get itself together and a hero to many was lost in a tragic event. In case you missed any of that, here’s your recap.

Political Showdown: Who really won the debate?

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On Monday night, the two presidential nominees went head to head in what seemed like a battle of who could blame whom for the worst crimes they’ve committed. The Republican Nominee, Donald Trump, spoke mostly about his economic policy and what he wants to change in regards to our free trade agreements with other countries, as well boosting the economy as a whole, not specifically for every individual. The Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, focused more on her economic plan to create more jobs for the middle class and raise the minimum wage to a more livable one. Aside from actually talking about plans to better the government, the debate seemed to turn into a never-ending blame game of Trump attacking Clinton about her releasing the private emails that she sent during her time as Secretary of State, and Clinton accusing Trump of not releasing his tax returns because they would show that he hasn’t paid federal taxes in “quite some time.” With more than 84 million people tuning into the first presidential debate, it’s safe to assume most of us watching were seemingly entertained.

A Devastating Loss: The Death of Marlin’s Pitcher, Jose Fernandez

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Jose Fernandez, Miami Marlin’s star pitcher, was tragically killed in a boating accident on Sunday, Sep. 25, in Miami, at just 24-years old. Two of Fernandez’s close friends were also killed in said accident. The death of the baseball pitcher sent shock waves throughout the country, especially resonating with the Hispanic community. Fernandez was known for his kind spirit and for his heartbreaking story of his immigration to the Unites States from Cuba. While attempting to migrate to the United States, Fernandez noticed someone had fallen off the boat and as a young 15-year-old, decided to jump into the water, not knowing this person was actually his mother. Fernandez wasn’t just the usual baseball player to most people; he was one of the greatest and heroic baseball players who will forever be instilled in the hearts of many. Rest in Peace Jose. 

Obama Vetoes, Congress Strikes Back

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The Senate recently passed a bill stating that the victims on the September 11th acts had the constitutional right to be able to sue Saudi Arabia for damages during and after the attacks. President Obama decided to veto the bill, as he didn’t want to place blame on a country that the United States didn’t have sufficient evidence of helping the attacks instead of placing blame on those who had taken the heat for the acts. On September 28th, 2016, Congress decide to override Obama’s veto on the bill for its alleged backing of the attackers. This override on Congress’ part is the first one of the entire Obama presidency.

Well there you have it folks, your rundown of the weeks news that have made headlines not just around our country, but around the world.

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