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I Tried Innisfree’s Hydrating Skincare Collection and My Skin Is Glowing

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Innisfree is a Korean skincare company that uses natural ingredients to create hydrating products from the beautiful Jeju Island. Innisfree carries a variety of items including facemasks, makeup products, spot treatments and much more. Each product is so unique and mindfully uses natural sources to leave your skin feeling renewed. You can buy full sets of products with ingredients ranging from green tea to volcanic clusters.

If skincare products made from volcanic clusters isn’t intriguing enough, the best part about this company is that they are dedicated to giving back to the planet. In order to protect the island these nourishing products come from, they have created environmental friendly campaigns, are devoted to naturally-derived ingredients and help financially support their island through their sales.

I got to try out their hydrating Jeju Island Green Tea collection and here’s what I thought:


Product 1: Intensive Hydrating Serum with Green Tea Seeds

Image Courtesy: Hannah Masten

The serum is so important to a skincare routine! This Green Tea Seed Serum gets deep into your pores and locks in hydration. The serum is made with Jeju Green Tea Extract and Oil which leaves your skin literally glowing. It is very smooth and you only need a couple of drops to cover your face. I love that it isn’t sticky and rubs on easily.

Product 2: Intensive Hydrating Eye Cream

Image Courtesy: Hannah Masten

I have to admit, out of all the products, this was my favorite! This winter has been rough on my skin and my under eyes have been so dry. I was really excited to try this eye cream out and I was definitely not disappointed. The eye cream smells so fresh and is thick like lotion so it really leaves your skin replenished!

Product 3: Intensive Hydrating Cream

Image Courtesy: Hannah Masten

After using this hydrating cream, I don’t think I can go back to my drugstore facial lotion. This cream is seriously top-quality. It is thinner than the eye cream but still restores your skin to full hydration. Plus, you can get the cream in a Toy Story themed set that also includes the serum (product #1) and honestly, who doesn’t love Toy Story? Spend some time with Buzz and hydrate yo’ skin girl!

Product 4: My Real Squeeze Mask (Green Tea)

Image Courtesy: Hannah Masten

My girls and I had so much fun trying out these masks. They are water-type masks so when we took them out of the package, we could tell right away how much they would hydrate our skin. They look a little funny, as most masks do … but they work so well. After leaving the mask on for just 10-20 minutes, it was noticeable how hydrated my face was. The mask smelled great too! They have 18 different masks to try out for only $1.60 each. On top of your skin feeling great after using them, you can also feel great knowing each mask is biodegradable and completely safe for our environment! Share your sheet masks with the hashtag #IGiveASheet to join the movement to take care of this beautiful planet. 

If I haven’t convinced you yet how amazing these products are, try them out for yourself using the discount code HerCampus10 for 10% off!

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% from Her Campus.

Hannah is a senior at Florida State University. She loves the sunshine and practically survives off iced coffee. She spends her days writing, working out and walking her dog, majority of the time with T-swift on full blast!
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