I’m Tired Of Your Sh*tty Stereotypes

Throughout my life, I have been constantly stereotyped. Every time someone would start off a sentence with “But you’re black” or “Do all black people really…” I wanted to scream. Every person is different and it is impossible for one stereotype to define a whole race. The only way to beat this is to address the stereotypes and say why they do not apply to everyone. Here is my answer to the stereotypes I have constantly been asked about or compared to:

1. No, You Can’t Touch My Hair

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I’m not being mean, I just don’t like stranger's hands in my hair. I don’t know where your hands have been or if they’re clean. Also, I am not an animal to be pet. Touching my hair is intimate to me, and I don’t feel comfortable getting intimate with strangers. Sometimes people don’t even ask, which makes me even more creeped out. How would you feel if a stranger just came up to you and started stroking your hair without saying anything? I would instantly go in defense mode and try to break your hand. A girl’s got to protect herself in this day and age.

2. No, I Was Not Raised in the Hood

People often question why I “talk white.” My first reaction was “what does that even mean?” Since I speak properly and don’t have a “hood” accent, that means I’m not black? Excuse me if my parents worked hard and paid money for me to get an education at a private school all my life. I’m not wasting their effort or money. I will speak properly because that is how I was taught.

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3. I HATE Watermelon and Fried Chicken

Stop asking if all I eat is watermelon and fried chicken! No one could survive off of that alone without severe health issues. I don’t even like either of these foods. How can an entire race have the same tastebuds? I’m pretty sure that is impossible. Besides, I prefer grilled chicken because I’m a classy b*tch.

4. No, It’s Not a Weave

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Every time I would straighten or perm my hair in high school, people instantly assumed it was a weave. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! Yes this my actual hair. Honestly, I didn’t even really know what weaves were at the time because my mom never got them in her hair. My mom hated them and told me not to put them in my hair. Just say my hair looks nice and move on.

5. No, I Don’t Know/Listen to Every Black Rapper in History

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Rap music is okay and I do listen to a few artists, but it is not my go-to choice. I like RnB and Dance Pop mostly (according to my Spotify data). So don’t expect me to rap the words of every Nicki Minaj or Drake song. My favorite artists are Demi Lovato, Charlie Puth, Mamamoo and so many more. And here’s the shocking part: not all of them are black! Crazy right? I am not sorry if that’s not “black” enough for you.

6. Yes, I Know Who My Father Is

Don’t assume that I have daddy issues, because my father is involved in my life. It angers me that people disrespect my father by saying that. He loves me very much and I love him too. He also knows that he won’t find someone as good as my mother anywhere else.

7. I am a Lover Not a Fighter

People assume I’m an angry black woman. No, I rarely get angry. I prefer peace rather than war. I hate fighting physically or verbally, but I’m not afraid of confrontation. Just because I don’t want to fight does not mean I won’t stand up for myself.

8. No, I am Not Going to Steal Anything

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I always get followed in certain stores. I don’t go into stores with big bags anymore because of this, but I still get followed. Firstly, that is very rude customer service, and, secondly, I could afford this product in my sleep. I don’t need to steal it. I work hard so I can buy the things I need.

9. Don’t Ask Me If I Can Twerk

Not every black girl is twerking every second of their life or knows how to twerk. I love dancing, but don’t tell me how I should be dancing. Don’t ask me to twerk on you, that’s just gross and rude to say to strangers.

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10. No, I’m Not African

Just because I am black does not mean I’m African. My parents are Haitian and I am a first-generation American. I was born here just like every other American child. I don’t have an accent, but I am still considered a foreigner in my own country.

11. Stop Calling Me Chocolate

Not only is this weird, but it is also annoying to be compared to food because of my skin color. Another fact, I don’t really like chocolate. I like fruity candies more. It is not a compliment or sweet that you acknowledged my skin color. It makes it sound like you have a fetish and I’m not going to encourage that fantasy.

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