I Interned with a Fashion Company in NYC: Here's My Story

I recently had the opportunity to spend a week in NYC interning with an amazing Swiss fashion company, Akris. Although I was only there for a short week, the days were filled with exhilarating, yet unexpected, events.

To start, let’s talk business.

The Internship

I could write a novel (okay, maybe a bit extreme) on how amazing my internship experience with Akris was. From meeting the buyers of Akris boutiques, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, learning the ins and out of a fashion show to going to Bergdorf Goodman and learning the ropes of visual merchandising, my experience was nothing short of amazing. If you have the opportunity, and interest, I would definitely recommend an internship or job with Akris.

Courtesy: Rachel Dix-Kessler

The Airbnb

When I went to NYC, I stayed in my first Airbnb and, needless to say, I was nervous. Who wouldn’t be when staying in a random stranger’s home states away. Funny story, my host ended up being an amazing woman who showed me around NYC, gave me advice and became my friend. Her apartment is in the heart of Manhattan and had a terrace, so drinking coffee off a terrace in Manhattan: CHECK. Additionally, I discovered her unique nail polish and clothing line, G-Wiz, which I’m conveniently telling you about just in time for the holidays!

Courtesy: Rachel Dix-Kessler

I stayed two buildings away from the LOVE sign.

The Election

I’m known for my perfect timing, and this is the reason my internship overlapped the presidential election. To put things into perspective, I stayed on the same street as Hilary Clinton, and the hotel where President-Elect Trump hosted his celebration is to the left of the love sign pictured above.

Election day in NYC: WILD. The secret service shut down streets when Clinton arrived, protesters shut down streets daily and the NYPD blocked off so many streets you had at least a five-avenue detour anywhere you wished to go.

Come nightfall, my host, Gina, took me to Time Square where they were live streaming the election. It was a bit too mellow for our taste, so we decided to head to the Javits Center, where Clinton was to hold her victory celebration (obviously that didn’t happen). Nevertheless, it was a wonderful experience not many get to have. After about an hour, I caught a cab back to the apartment to get some sleep. Disclaimer: Due to the location of the apartment, and the location of Trump’s hotel, I did not sleep on November 8, 2016.

Courtesy: Rachel Dix-Kessler


The Pigeon

This is probably my favorite story to tell, and the reason why I’m basically a walking fortune cookie now. On my way to my internship at Akris, I was drinking my organic coffee from Joe’s Coffee House, enjoying the scenery when all of the sudden a pleasant surprise came from the sky. Yes, a pigeon sh*t on my foot with 10 more blocks to go. So, I made it to Akris, ran to the bathroom and carefully cut off my leggings. On the bright side I was told that people say that it’s good luck. So if you’ve been feeling unlucky lately, you know where to go (you’re welcome).

Courtesy: Globe Views

The Departure

Not only was it a Friday evening, but also Veterans Day and three days after the election results were announced. There were protests, parades and traffic congestions on every street. I ordered an Uber, thinking that would be the most efficient and cost-effective decision. Twenty minutes later, after endless promises from my driver that he was almost to my street, I bumped into a lady who was also trying to get to the airport. Although she had been waiting an unbelievable amount of time, her Uber driver finally arrived. Since we were both heading to the airport, she invited me to ride with her, so I hopped in. As we were passing over the city limits, the dilemma was discovered: while we were both heading to the airport, she needed to go to La Guardia and I needed to go to JFK. This was one of those moments where you just slowly sink into the seat and face-palm yourself for making impulsive decisions.

Luckily, my Uber driver saved the day and got me to the airport LITERALLY one minute before they stopped accepting bags for the flight. WILD.

Courtesy: popkey.com

My short week in New York City was undeniably one of the best weeks I’ve had in a while. It was exactly what I wanted: unpredictable, exciting and, I say it again, WILD. My advice to you, if you have the opportunity to do something you’ve never done (like a fashion internship as a PR major), don’t pass it up. I mean, look at me, who else can say they’ve been sh*t on by a pigeon in the Upper East Side of NYC? Not many.