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I Got Bangs: My First Week Update

I finally did it. I got bangs. 

Everyone always makes the assumption that when a person gets bangs that they are having a mental breakdown. I mean they aren’t completely wrong, but that isn’t why I got bangs. I have been wanting to get a drastic haircut for months now, mostly because I get bored of my hair very easily. The first style that came to my mind was to just chop my hair to my shoulders, but I felt like that would make me look like a 10-year-old child. Bangs was my next inspiration after I keep scrolling through Pinterest finding cute styles with bangs. I seriously made an entire Pinterest board of styles of bangs to help myself decide.

Courtesy: Renee Bram

I was unsure if bangs would even look right with my face shape, so I asked probably a million people for their opinions. I’m lucky enough that the company I work at also has a hair salon, so I asked some of the stylists there what they thought about me getting bangs. They all agreed that it would look really good. 

So, I did it. 

It has almost been a week with bangs as I am writing this and so far I have no regrets. I was so worried about styling my bangs because I have very thick and wavy, nearly curly, hair. I also did not want my bangs to be in the middle of my forehead, I wanted longer, wispy bangs that framed my face. The stylist who cut my hair, Jeremy, was so helpful in showing me how to easily brush and blow-dry my bangs so that they looked just how I wanted them. Not having straight hair, I am glad I decided to get my bangs cut in the wintertime. My hair is much less frizzy and easier to control in the winter.

With that being said, having bangs is still a bit of a chore. They get greasy pretty quickly on me which means that I have to wet and restyle them every day or two. They are also, obviously, in my face all day. This does not bother me, but for some, it may become annoying. There is constantly hair sitting on my forehead and sometimes in my eyes since they are longer. With hair sitting on my face all day, I have also had to make sure I am taking care of my skin.

I can confidently say that I do not regret getting bangs. I had considered them for a while and since I have had them I have had a boost in confidence. They gave me such a small, yet still significant, change that I needed. If you are considering bangs, be prepared to have hair in your face and know that you have to style them almost every day, unless they just naturally fall how you want them. I would say if you are set on bangs and ready for the commitment then go and do it! 

Please, don’t cut them yourself though. Be impulsive, just not that impulsive. 

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Senior at Florida State University majoring in Professional Sales. From West Palm Beach, FL. Will probably be seen leaving early to get home to her dog. Instagram: @reneebram