How You Can Be a Leader in All Aspects Of Your Life

Let’s face it, we all know a person in a position of leadership who really shouldn’t be. We all know what it’s like to feel berated or belittled by someone in an authoritative position and know that this can make leadership seem like something that’s intimidating or negative. Usually, when we think of leadership positions, we picture that as meaning being the head of an organization, or maybe even a boss or higher-up of an important organization. However, leadership can easily be implemented into our everyday lives, and we can all start making the world a place of better leadership figures. 

In Friendships

One of the huge ways to be a leading figure in the lives of those around you is to simply practice being a good friend. This can look like always sticking to your word or being the friend who’s ready to listen or help no matter what. Sometimes, we see the leader of a friend group as being the one who’s most popular or who we deem the most attractive. But it’s important that we change this narrative of leadership stereotypes and start seeing our leading friends as the ones who are beautiful in character, not appearance. We can be this friend by focusing on being a positive figure in the lives of our friends and always having their best interest in mind. 

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Through Your Attitude

Contrary to popular belief, being a leader isn’t about being bossy or all-powerful, it’s much more about being able to relate to those you’re leading and being able to influence the trajectory of their lives in a helpful way. One of the most straightforward ways to begin doing this in your own life is to adopt an attitude that’s conducive to leading. This can look like having an optimistic, compassionate and genuine attitude, but also knowing how to be firm and strong in your values.

This can be exemplified in situations where you’re willing to give people the benefit of the doubt and be the person who tries to see the good in others and situations, but also knowing how to walk away from what’s not good for you. A leader is flexible and adaptable in life, but they also know how to be steadfast and confident in their decisions. These are all characteristics that can make it easy for you to show those in your life what it means to truly live a life worth following after. 

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With Your Values

What you prioritize as a leader can say a lot about who you are as a person. A lot of the leaders we know probably prioritize popularity, power or even having a resume-booster as their primary reason for wanting to lead. These aren’t the true marks of a leader. Wanting to lead should be about valuing your success, as well as others’, wanting to improve the lives of others and not seeing life as a competition. All of these are aspects that can show the people you lead that you’re genuine and have solid values that aren’t selfish or vain. 

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By deciding to want to become a better leader for the people in your life, you’re making a change in the leadership dynamic of our world as a whole. With the leadership figures that we currently have, whether that be in politics, social groups, school organizations or in our workplaces, we all can definitely agree that leadership is a concept that most people aren’t quite understanding of. But it’s our job to make sure that the true marks of a leader don’t become tarnished or ousted by the ways of today’s world.

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