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How the “Verily Joy” Podcast Came To Be: Getting To Know Lola Martin

“During the fall semester of my freshman year of college, the idea to start a podcast was put on my heart. However, it didn’t seem like I had much time to act on it, so I stored the idea in the back of my head until I knew I had time. Once the pandemic hit, it was the end of the spring semester and the beginning of summer, and I knew I had so much time to invest in myself… so I started seriously planning the podcast and I’m so glad I did!” Lola Martin took her idea and ran with it, now operating an active podcast called “Verily Joy.”  The name itself is very simple—“If you Google the word ‘verily,’ it means ‘truly’ and ‘confidently.’ Knowing that I wanted my mission to be centered around the idea of living a life full of authentic joy, that’s how I came up with the name,” she said. Her quarantine was spent pre-recording several episodes at a time so they would be ready to go when her schedule was busy again this fall. The first episode was released in early September, entitled “When Fear Gets in the Way of Reaching Your Goals.”

Martin is passionate about Christianity and centers her podcast around it “to allow women to live their lives in the fullness of joy.” Each of the episodes featuring a special guest and a new topic of conversation; most of the guests are people she knows personally or has followed on social media. “What leads me to ask these women to be guests on my podcast is getting to know what they’re passionate about, based on what they’re willing to share with others. I’m very inspired by my guests because they each have something diverse to bring to the table. My hope is that other women would love to hear from them, too.” The episodes posted so far include a variety of topics like mental health, fashion and what it means to be truly alive; “It’s also a desire of mine for my listeners to pursue and invest in their passions, interests, goals and anything that makes them who they are,” she says, “Each of the episodes serves as a way to foster this mission of mine!”

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Posting something so vulnerable on social media for anyone to see can be intimidating, but Martin says she was prepared for the judgment that may come. “To be honest, I have dealt with judgment in the past for posting what I’m passionate about. Experiencing this has just led me to become much stronger in my character and more convicted in what I wanted to share in the first place,” she responded. Her journey to gaining confidence wasn’t easy and happened slowly, but she believes she has achieved a level of confidence that allows her to post freely. “I’m glad to say that the judgment I’ve faced in the past helped shape me to become a more courageous person overall.”

When asked what advice she would give to someone who is thinking about starting their podcast, she says to “always remember your ‘why.’” Additionally, they should explore what they want their audience to gain from listening and what sets their podcast apart from the rest. She continues, saying, “My second piece of advice is to not be afraid! If you think you’ve been called to start a podcast, then you will be granted the needed tools to do so successfully. Trust yourself and your abilities…you are capable!” There are no signs of stopping for Verily Joy anytime soon, and listeners can expect it to continue to be a place where women can “strive to be joyful, faithful, ambitious and fearless in every area of their life.” Look out for a new episode every other Wednesday! 

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