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How to Turn Your Spring Fling Into a Summer Love

Greetings lovers! My name is Maria Jimenez. I am a junior at Florida State University who has been around the block more than a few times but is now in a great relationship and learning what love really is. I am here to answer all your questions and to give you the lowdown on hot new dorm flings, long distance relationships and how to master the walk of shame. Keep up with me for the best love, sex and relationship advice that Her Campus FSU has to offer.

You started talking to the boy from class back before winter break. You hang out in between classes and spend some lazy days together on the weekends. He buys you ice cream when you’re sad and all your friends approve of him. With the semester coming to a close, how do you make sure your relationship is ready for the season of fun in the sun?

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Don’t be afraid to talk about your goals and expectations

Communication is key. Make sure you and your partner want the same things this summer. Plan a few trips and visits if you will be trying a long distance relationship this summer.

Don’t forget about the guy back home

You may have forgotten about him, but he remembered you. You can ignore text messages but when your friends get together, he could show up and those feeling might come rushing back. Don’t let this cause your feelings to stray. Keep your heart focused on the one you really want.

Make memories that will last a lifetime

Go on new adventures, try new foods and bond with each other. Your feelings will lead you in the right direction. Everything may seem scary at first but you won’t know for sure until you try it.​

Be spontaneous

Go on a weekend getaway together, have a wine and chick flick night or plan a cute date night with this special boy. Keep the romance alive and the summer fun going!

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