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How to Turn Your Old Jeans into a Denim Skirt

Step 1: Cut your jeans into shorts. How short or long you want them is up to you.

Courtesy: Bianca Rodriguez

Step 2: Cut the inside seam of the shorts.

Step 3: Turn your shorts inside out and line the seams up the way you would like them. Begin to sew the seams together.

Step 4: Keep sewing up the seam until the halfway point, and then make sure to move toward the left where the flap is. 


Step 5: Repeat this method for the back of the skirt as well.

*The holes in my skirt were a little too big for my liking, so I took scrap pieces of denim and sewed them in the back of the hole and frayed some of the edges for a more worn look.

Now what used to be a crappy pair of jeans wasting space in your closet is a new trendy denim skirt ready for any event you have planned. Enjoy!

Courtesy: Bianca Rodriguez


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