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daytona beach sunset
daytona beach sunset
Original photo by Alexa Ramos

5 Florida Cities to Spend Spring Break In Based On Their Vibes

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Attention, girlies: You are required for duty. Make your nation proud and spring break in Florida.

As we defrost from winter, the next thing on the agenda is planning that spring break trip. Why go to another state when Florida lets us enjoy summer early? There’s a Florida destination for everyone, so let’s make the most of our week of freedom. I made sure to pick five of the Sunshine State’s most unique and iconic locations. No matter where you decide, the official spring break uniform includes a bathing suit (duh), sunscreen (protecting our skin is in!), and a camera (how else will you remember this trip?).

Daytona Beach

Daytona vibes: pool days and midnight swims

It’s arguably one of the most popular spring break hot spots. Daytona is a land of crazy, so if wild is what you want, Daytona is the place to go. This is definitely not a calm or relaxing destination, so just be prepared.


Miami vibes: city girl and yacht parties

I could just end this one with one word, Pitbull, and it would be enough. Think of Miami as Daytona’s hot older sister. With amazing food and good music, Miami could be your place. It should be noted that this probably isn’t the most budget-friendly oasis. However, this is 100 percent the place for the night owls, so come here if you’re okay with dismantling that sleep schedule.

The Keys

The Keys vibes: boat girly and dance party

Also in South Florida, we have the famous keys. In my opinion, there are two main versions of the keys you can see. Number one is to stay in Key Largo for fun boat days and snorkeling with friends. The picturesque waters are abundant with coral reefs, dolphins, and sea turtles. Option two is to stay in Key West. It’s not as beach-focused and more so perfect for shopping and dancing with the girls.

Boca Grande

Boca Grande vibes: coastal grandma and seaside girly

On the west coast of Florida is the cutest little island imaginable. If a small beach town is what you want, Boca Grande is a perfect option. Renting a golf cart or moped is your best chance of getting around the island. This spot is great for finding secret beaches, searching for shells, and tanning with your friends. Boca Grande is the place to recharge, so open a book and lay in the sun.

West Palm Beach

West Palm vibes: beach princess and the best of both worlds

The east coast of Florida harbors one of the best spring break options, in my opinion. There’s a perfect mix of energies in West Palm Beach; it has the craziness of Miami or the Keys and the tranquility of Boca Grande. It’s known to be on the pricier end if you decide to stay at their resorts and hotels, but you also won’t be sorry to try a more budget-friendly route and rent a beach house or apartment. Your days will be filled with great shopping, cute beach days, and arguably the best food. Your nights will be packed with great music and beach bonfires.

Whatever you choose, make sure it meets all your needs. Travel is self-care, and us hardworking girlies just need a break sometimes. Make this a trip to remember, ladies.

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Elizabeth Wherry is an on-staff writer at the Her Campus at the Florida State chapter. She focuses on campus life, culture, and lifestyle articles. She gets most excited about pieces on beauty and pop culture but loves creative stories as well. Prior to Her Campus, Elizabeth has gained corporate writing experience with paid internships specializing in defensive/offensive PR, digital media campaigns, and brand marketing. She is now a freshman at Florida State University working towards her goal of a master’s degree in communications. She hopes to gear her studies towards both political communication and business studies. Her dream is to do advocacy work and make a real difference. During her free time, Elizabeth enjoys sewing, cycling, and cooking her grandmother's Italian recipes. She is also always traveling, at only 18 she has already been to 38 countries. In addition, Elizabeth is a big music nerd and frequently attends all types of concerts; there are not many genres she does like. But most importantly, she loves spending quality time with her friends. Her favorite memories include beach days, hostel stays, and prank calls. Elizabeth hopes to bring her positive and witty humor to Her Campus.