How to Survive Midterms According to Your Favorite Netflix Shows

We’re almost through half of the semester, and you know what that means- everyone is in full-on freak out mode. 

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With monster to do lists, long nights at Strozier, and an increasing reliance on coffee to get us through the day, here’s a friendly reminder to breathe and calm down. We’ve all been there and we have all experienced that phase where we curl up into a ball on our bed, worrying about all the things we need to get done. Yet making no move to go do them.

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No judgment here; I had one of those weeks, too.

While pushing off work, I turned to Netflix. And somewhere in the zone of just one more episode, I realized some of the most popular Netflix shows actually have some really good advice on how to handle stressful situations.

*Begins watching another episode*

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So here are some tips to get you though your crazy week, as told by some of your favorite TV show characters.

Grey’s Anatomy

Take a cue from Christina Yang and Meredith Grey and dance it out. A 15 second dance party will keep you from falling asleep at your desk, and will help get you to refocus on your work!

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The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

As a woman who survived in an underground bunker for the past 15 years, Kimmy knows how to handle anything that gets thrown at her. She just reminds herself that she can survive the next ten seconds. And if you can survive that, then you can survive 20 seconds, and 30, and so forth. Your long list of things will eventually end; you just have to keep going and you’ll get through it.

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Gossip Girl

Retail shopping anyone? Blair and Serena always had a lot on their plates. Between boys, Upper East Side drama and family problems, it’s no wonder they had such huge wardrobes. You may not be stressing over what to wear on a date with a prince, but studying for exams while juggling everything else in your life is hard. So once you turn in that essay you have been slaving over, take a break and buy those jeans you’ve been eyeing. Shopping will give you a chance to relax and get your mind off things, and you deserve something nice after the week you’ve had! 

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Gilmore Girls

Lorelai Gilmore is the definition of a coffee addict. Between her morning cup, at least once a day trip to Luke’s, and the never-ending supply she has at the inn, it’s no wonder she was always so bubbly and happy. Relying on coffee is never a good idea, but on those extra tough weeks it’s inevitable. The good news is just the smell of coffee has been linked to less stress, so if you’re contemplating another cup-why not? 

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Young and Hungry

As an aspiring chef, Gabi is always cooking. And as her best friend, Sofia is always eating. People turn to food for all sorts of reasons, one of them being in times of distress. Whether you decide to get pizza delivered or finally cave and eat the piece of cake you’ve been wanting, I say go for it because we all know you’ll be happier afterwards. 

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New Girl

Jess never spent anytime alone. She, instead, used her time to hang out with her roommates while getting stuck in crazy situations. For some people, doing something as simple as studying with another person may calm you down and keep you from feeling alienated. But if you do choose to study with others, make sure you don’t get too distracted!

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Just always keep in mind the weekend will be here before you know it! So have something to look forward to; it’ll get you through the day!

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