How to Slay the Style Game This Fall

Fall is one of the most loved seasons when it comes to fashion. It isn't too hot to wear shirts with longer sleeves or jeans, and you can still wear your tank tops paired with cute cardigans. This fall brings some fun spins on adorable classic trends, which makes now the perfect time to try some for yourself! I've comprised a list of some of my favorite trends I have seen emerge this season that are both unique, but still normal to wear on campus or on a night out. 

Animal Print

I did not expect animal prints to come back into style in such a big way, but they certainly have and make the perfect piece for the fall look! Most animal prints are full of browns, tans and blacks that are perfect for a fall color scheme. You can make this wild trend the centerpiece of your outfit with a solid color shirt or bottom, or just add some touches of the pattern to your look by wearing it in a bracelet, your shoes or a scarf.

Courtesy: BellaLike


Burgundy Lip

No matter your complexion, a burgundy lip color looks stunning. It is both versatile and timeless. Not as risky or vibrant as a red lip, but still just as noticeable and beautiful. You can take a burgundy lip in any direction you want to make it look: flirty, dark, sweet, festive etc.




Overall dresses

Whether you plan to stay in Florida all fall or visit someplace where the temperatures will actually drop, an overall dress is a must have for your closet this season. For a hot night out, you can wear it as-is with some cute heels, or when it gets cooler outside, add a sweater and some tights under to look cute and cozy. There are so many fabrics and colors to choose from that you will for sure find something perfect for you!


Courtesy: “Houndstooth Denim Overall Dress” From


Statement earrings

These accessories were super popular this summer, and they will not be leaving the fashion scene any time soon. The spectrum of color, artsy designs and pretty tassels that these earrings feature will be perfect for adding some flair to plain sweaters or to create a neutral fall fit.


Courtesy: "Hattie Beaded Tassel Earrings” from



Just like animal prints, camo fits perfectly into fall outfits. Though camo is made up of different shades of green, it can act as a neutral colored piece and can be paired with many different styles and colors. I’ve seen camo print jackets and dresses hit the stores this season, but if you are hesitant to walk outside in full camo, there are some other options too. You can even find clothes with smaller touches of camo!





Striped jumpsuits, sweaters and dresses are a hit right now. But these are not your average little black and white stripes; big and multicolored stripes have taken over. You could sport a striped two-piece set to happy hour or get comfy in a funky striped sweater. This trend is a great opportunity to try something new if you normally stick to the safe side with fashion. You can step outside of your comfort zone and try a trendy twist on a classic pattern!


Courtesy: Urban Outfitters