How to Set Goals That Work for YOU!

Throughout our everyday lives, we have so many things on our minds. Sometimes we lose track of the things we want to accomplish, and we lose the aim of our mission. It can be hard keeping track of everything you want to do, but if we look at everything as if it is on time scale, think about what would mean the most to you. People tend to get overwhelmed by the tasks they wish to accomplish, but the goal is to take a deep breath and tell yourself to just start somewhere. The scale of the daily activities or tasks we want to take on throughout the day should include setting SMART goals, to help provide a sense of direction. 

Courtesy of Harvard Health

Specific—The goals should be well defined, in order to show you the way you want to go.

Measurable—Be sure to add dates to your goals to measure your degree of success. This way you can see how far you came from where you started, which creates motivation.

Attainable—Setting realistic goals that we can accomplish to the best of our abilities brings a great deal of satisfaction.

Relevant—By setting goals that are aligned in the direction we want to live, it will keep us focused to do what we set our minds to.

Time-Bound—Goals that have a time-bound are extremely important for when they are accomplished. They can be seen as something to celebrate. It will create a sense of urgency and achievement will come much faster.

When we set goals that motivate us, this means they are the most important to us. We value achieving them, so we have an interest in their outcome. If something is less important to us, we tend to put it off more until a different time. Motivation is developed from how important a task or goal is to us. Sometimes we end up with too many goals, which can get overwhelming. We just have to start somewhere, little by little.  We develop a sense of urgency in the “I must do this or else” attitude and when we do, we are more likely to accomplish what we set our minds to.

To make these goals turn into a sense of motivation, you should write down why they are valuable and why they are important to you. When you start to lose confidence in your ability to make the goals happen, just remember why your goals are important to you. When we stay focused and don’t let other things interfere, we can begin to sense strength within our own mind. Completing projects, tasks, or events right when you want to do them and not pushing them off for another time or day can make all the difference.  You can do it, just start right now.