How to Respond to these 10 Annoying Questions Your Relatives Will Ask on Thanksgiving

Courtesy: Kelsey Chance

You’ll probably be spending some time with family you haven’t seen in a while in the upcoming holiday season. Taking time off school to go home can be relaxing, but also a little annoying when you’re bombarded with repetitive, sometimes too-personal questions. The best thing to do is keep the food going and the drinks flowing. For those awkward moments when your drunk aunt confronts you about your relationship status, you should say one thing but accidentally say something else. But no worries, Her Campus has you covered! Prep yourself beforehand with some of these responses:

1. “Do you have a job lined up?”

What you want to say: I still have six more months until graduation, what do you think?

What you should say: I’m going to start applying to jobs over winter break, once finals are over.

2. “Are you dating anyone?”

What you want to say: No because Tinder’s the worst and I’m sick of meeting a**holes.

What you should say: Grades, school clubs and friends are really my priority right now.

3. “Did you buy your jeans with all those holes in them?”

What you want to say: Yes why do you always ask that?

What you should say: Yes it’s a trend now.

4. “Why is your dress so short?”

What you want to say: If you think this is bad, never visit me at school.

What you should say: It’s actually a romper with shorts and it’s really comfy!

5. “Are you doing well in school?”

What you want to say: Eh, depends on the class.

What you should say: It’s really busy but I’m doing well trying to stay on top of my work.

6. “What are you going to do with that major?”

What you want to say: I know you think I should switch to something more “practical.”

What you should say: I haven’t figured it out yet, but I know I’ll end up in a field that I’m really passionate about.

7. “Can you believe how sensitive you Millennials are?”

What you want to say: Can you stop generalizing my entire age group?

What you should say: Some people can be very sensitive, but I feel like we’re much better at communicating and more accepting than previous generations.

8. “How are you going to pay for grad school?”

What you want to say: I literally have no clue.

What you should say: I’m planning on working, taking out loans, and applying for scholarships.

9. “Did you know that [the food you’re about to eat] isn’t healthy/vegan/paleo?”

What you want to say: I really don’t care if this is healthy or not.

What you should say:  Thanksgiving isn’t really the day for me to be worrying about diets I don’t follow in the first place.

10. Literally anything political.

What you want to say: Something defending your views.

What you should say: Nothing. Keep drinking.